What Is The Electrical Tape Challenge On TikTok? TikTok Electrical Tape Challenge Videos

The most recent TikTok challenge is to some degree a more dangerous one, and is named the ‘Electrical Tape Challenge’.

The move challenge is set to “Propensities” by Tove Lo, and has a stunning turn to the video, which includes nakedness.

This test is certainly one of the most improper ones on the application, and it’s improbable that it will be around for long because of its idea.

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@tropzvlogElectrical tape challenge accepted 💪💪💪😎##viral ##duet ##followforfollowback ##tiktokph ##TROPZVLOG

♬ Drummer Girl (Contains music from: Habits – Tove Lo) – _kennedy33

What Is The Electrical Tape Challenge?

The Electrical Tape Challenge is set to a remix of the tune “Propensity” by Tove Lo. The video begins with the client’s hand inside their shirt, which they hit against their shirt to cause it to appear as though it is a thumping heart.

During the video, the clients do a move to the tune, before lifting up their shirts completely on camera.

@_ericadlcrzSorry na wala kaming electric tape hahahahahahah🤣

♬ Drummer Girl (Contains music from: Habits – Tove Lo) – _kennedy33

The test is named the “Electrical Tape Challenge” as the TikTokkers wear two bits of dark electrical tape over their areolas, to keep the video to some degree PG.

The test has been finished by the two ladies and men, however it shows up it still can’t seem to pick up prevalence on UK and US TikTok.