What Is The Got Milk Challenge On TikTok? Who Started The Challenge?

The Got Milk Challenge is getting well known on TikTok, and it was begun by a celebrated Olympic swimmer!

In the event that you’re feeling valiant, at that point it’s an ideal opportunity to have a go at the Got Milk TikTok Challenge. You’re going to require great parity, and it could get somewhat untidy.

It’s every one of the a crusade to build milk deals in California – here’s actually what the test includes.

@katiefeeneyythat didn’t quite work out as planned😂 what is something you could do without spilling? ##GotMilkChallenge ##milkmeansmore

♬ got milk challenge – got milk?

What Is The Got Milk Challenge?

TikTok’s most recent viral test is known as the Got Milk Challenge, and this is an extremely fun one – however it could muddled in case you’re not cautious!

For this test, you’re going to need to put a glass of milk on your head, or you can do it in your grasp as well in case you’re not so valiant.

At that point you move along to a particular melody about milk, and do whatever it takes not to spill anything.

@jasoncoffeea full flip and a full glass… kinda 😜 What can you do without spilling? ##GotMilkChallenge ##ad ##GotMilk♬ got milk challenge – got milk?

Who Started The Challenge?

The test was begun by Olympic best on the planet Katie Ledecky.

Kathleen Ledecky is an American serious swimmer who has won five Olympic gold decorations and 15 big showdown gold awards, the most ever for a female swimmer.

Katie posted a video onto TikTok where she swam a length of the pool with a glass of chocolate milk on her head, which is the place the test started.

We’re not recommending that you swim with milk on your head, it looks pretty inconceivably. Be that as it may, you can move!

@katieledeckyIt’s an all new freestyle for the ##gotmilkchallenge! What can you do without spilling a drop? ##gotmilk ##ad 🏊🏻‍♀️♬ got milk challenge – got milk?

The Challenge Is Sponsored By Got Milk

The Got Milk Challenge is really an advert for Got Milk, an American publicizing effort empowering the utilization of milk.

It was made in 1993 for the California Milk Processor Board, and was later authorized for use by milk processors and dairy ranchers.

The crusade has been credited with incredibly expanding milk deals in California.