What Is The TikTok Tape Measure Challenge? Tape Measure TikTok Videos

On the off chance that you’re needing a clever new TikTok challenge to attempt, at that point we have recently the one. Have a go at the Tape Measure Challenge!

In the course of recent weeks, a wrong pattern called the Electrical Tape Challenge has been advancing round TikTok, seeing clients taking their tops off on camera.

On the off chance that that one isn’t generally some tea, at that point we have an elective alternative for you. It despite everything includes tape, yet an alternate kind. Instead of electrical tape, this one uses a measuring tape – and it’s an entertaining trick!

@katylockmanWhoever made up this trend is cruel but I thought it was funny. He did not. 😂 @dennislockman ##husbandandwife##tapemeasurechallenge♬ Bagaikan Langit(cover) – _ucil👑

What Is The TikTok Tape Measure Challenge?

There’s numerous kinds to challenges on TikTok, and’s will undoubtedly be one for everybody. There’s move difficulties, food challenges, singing difficulties thus some more.

In any case, one sort that everybody will undoubtedly appreciate are the trick difficulties. There is something in particular about pulling a humorous trick on a companion or cherished one that never gets old, and we have another for you to attempt.

The Tape Measure Challenge on TikTok is so basic yet so viable, and it essentially includes fooling someone into deduction you are estimating them with a measuring tape, yet you really hit them in the stomach with it.

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♬ Did Too Much – LLusion

How To Do The TikTok Tape Measure Challenge?

For this test you’re going to require one of those inflexible, retractable measuring tapes – not the delicate ones.

At that point, you’ll have to locate the particular sound utilized for this TikTok challenge. It’s called ‘Bagaikan Langit’, and you can get it by discovering another person who has utilized a similar sound, and tapping on the sound name underneath the individual’s username.

Presently, move your measuring tape in time with the music, and cause it to appear like you are estimating the individual. On the fourth stable, drop the measuring tape with the goal that it swings and hits the individual in the stomach. Try to film their response!

@maitlandhanleyIf your body is 3 times the length of your head, you are a genius… ##fyp ##tapemeasurechallenge ##tapemeasureprank ##tapemeasure ##coupleprank♬ original sound – maitlandhanley

Here’s Another Tape Measure Challenge To Try

On the off chance that you’ve quite recently got the measuring tape out and finished the TikTok trick challenge, at that point here’s another to attempt before you set it back in the tool stash – it’s a pleasant one.

A measuring tape is an ideal surface to slide things down, similar to chocolate, or desserts, which can slide straightforwardly into somebody’s mouth. Attempt it for yourself!