What Is ‘Who Driving This Bus’ TikTok? Ratchet White Girl Meme Meaning And Trend Explained

Tiktok is one of the world’s most famous applications, with billions of clients. The sound that asks ‘Who Driving This Bus?’ is one of the application’s most famous images. You’ll most likely hear the sound a few times while looking through your FYP.

Consistently, Tiktok clients make entertaining, exceptional sounds, then, at that point, transform them into a progression of different movies. They upgrade the sound with their resourcefulness and make it entertaining in their way. Individuals are normally inquisitive with regards to the beginnings of this new strong, which bases on the application.


What Is Who Driving This Bus TikTok? “Who’s Driving This Bus?” has 307 recordings and is as of now the most well known and moving sound. It’s additionally gotten huge number of perspectives and offers.

“It’s the funny pantomime of a white young lady on the transport,” the video’s makers said. Furthermore there are numerous extraordinary thoughts in these, and it is currently the most well known and most noticeable online media stage.

The recordings are made by TikTok clients and basically center around the comical sound that will make all of you giggle. This should be possible while they are inside a vehicle that is being driven.

There is an entire Reddit present devoted on this joke, where individuals banter how exact the impression is. A few clients are using an inscription to delineate a situation on the sound.

Ratchet White Girl Meme Meaning and Trend The sound of “Who Driving The Bus?” has 307 recordings to date, and it has circulated around the web, with 359.9K perspectives. As indicated by the film makers, the image portrays a funny pantomime of a “ratchet white chick on the transport.”

With 689 million individuals, the biggest interpersonal interaction site highlights different creative ideas. Most of unique material, music, and commotions before long pursue the direction, with people reposting their recordings with their perspectives.

@liltaiii #fyp ♬ original sound – Corasspammm

TikTok clients are then recording a video on a sensational occurrence. Certain individuals record accounts while riding in a vehicle driven by another person. In the mean time, some give the feeling of being on one.

The pattern was made popular by client @corasspamm, and this record currently has 874 devotees, yet the quantity of adherents is developing as it moved. So this record has different recordings, one of which is right now moving, “Who’s Driving This Bus.”

How To Do ‘Who Driving This Bus’ pattern On TikTok? ‘Who Is Driving This Bus?’ is a silly impersonation of a sensational response when inside a vehicle. Most people pursue the direction with a funny lipsync, while some utilize greenscreen to impersonate the sound of being on a transport.

Following that, some utilize a POV and express their inventiveness through music. Individuals who wish to take part in this pattern can make the video in the manner they pick.