My Head Is A Jungle Tiktok Song – Find The Meaning & Lyrics Here

TikTok has done it once more; individuals have gone hot over the new melody that circulated around the web on the web. With the most recent pattern and hashtags, TikToker has observed the stage engaging.

Yet again in addition, the tunes that got delivered way back have come to streak through the assistance of TikTok. The clients have found numerous sorts of music and remix for the content recordings.

With that, the tune My Head Is A Jungle has gotten the TikTokers consideration on the web. Likewise, numerous TikTok stars have made their brief video in view of the melody, which made it more well known than previously.

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My Head Is A Jungle Tiktok Song My Head Is A Jungle is the 2013 tune that took over TikTok. It got included by Emma Louise and Wankelmut.

After very nearly a time of this tune coming out, its remix variant has turned into a web sensation over TikTok. The clients have cherished it and use it for various recordings gatherings.

Likewise, numerous clients have involved the tune behind the scenes for recounting their story as a storyteller. In any case, it has endured a shot over TikTok and its clients.

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My Head Is A Jungle Find The Meaning As of recently, various audience members have perceived various implications of the tune. Certain individuals have accepted that the tune is about a young lady battling through her untidy issues.

In the interim, others considered it; as communicating their disarray and issues in the adoration relationship. Essentially, the melody can be connected with anything for the audience members.

Individuals have as of late begun utilizing this tune, showing the issues and difficulties throughout everyday life. Likewise, the remix variant of the melody hits diversely in right now.

With the verses and the beats, TikTokers became attached to the remix variant of the tune My Head Is A Jungle.

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My Head Is A Jungle Lyrics

The song lyrics that went viral on TikTok goes as follows:

“In a dark room, we fight, make up for our love.
I’ve been thinking, thinking, about you, about us.
And We’re moving slow our hearts beat so fast.
I’ve been dreaming, dreaming about you, about us.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
My head is a Jungle, Jungle
My head is a Jungle, Jungle
My head is a Jungle, Jungle
My head, oh

Also, some users have used only the part of “My head is a Jungle, Jungle” for their videos.