What Is The Uncut Gems Muse TikTok Meme? Meaning With Josh Safdie And Julia Fox Video Explained


Julia Fox responded to a Tik Tok pattern she began during her appearance available for potential emergencies Her Daddy, where she misspoke the word ‘Jewels’ concerning her film Uncut Gems, sounding more like she said ‘Jams.’

She reacts, ‘I was stoned!’ after a video of her peculiarly articulating the title of the film Uncut Gems becomes famous on TikTok.


What Is The Uncut Gems Muse TikTok Meme? Julia Fox and Kanye West’s exposure barrage is finished, as he is currently freely occupied with warning conduct toward ex Kim Kardashian.

Notwithstanding, a piece of sound guessing on whether Fox is West’s “muse” is getting out and about, fundamentally in view of the manner in which she says Uncut Gems.

The clasp comes from an episode of the famous web recording Call Her Daddy. It’s Fox’s reaction to moderator Alex Cooper’s inquiry regarding what a dream is: She reacts, “I mean, I was Josh Safdie’s dream when he composed Uncut Gems,” alluding to the 2019 Safdie brothers film in which she stars.

Because of her error of the film’s title, the clasp became a web sensation via online media, with various TikTok clients reusing the video with their endeavors to recreate the sound.

The first Spotify video has more than 2 million perspectives, with perhaps the most well known remark being, “She has no idea what a dream is.”

Then again, Fox gets what a dream is: According to a New York Times include, Fox has a whole group of individuals who assist her with appearing muse-commendable. Fox is additionally said to have not “cried” beginning around 1997.

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How Treated Fox Say About Josh Safdie? In a meeting with the digital broadcast Call Her Daddy, entertainer Julia Fox reacted to people on TikTok scorning her way to express ‘Whole Gems.’

Subsequent to showing up on Alex Cooper’s colossally well known ‘Call Her Daddy’ digital broadcast, entertainer Julia Fox is at the focal point of the furthest down the line frenzy to assume control over the stage.

Julia expressed that she was Josh Safdie’s dream when he wrote Uncut Gems when inquired as to whether she viewed herself as ex Kanye West’s dream.

Watchers immediately got on Julia’s somewhat odd way to express ‘Whole Gems’ and started making films because of the viral clasp.