Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Promo Brings Back Agent Carter Character

The Agents of SHIELD season 7, scene 3 “Outsider Commies From the Future!” trailer brings back Enver Gjokaj as Daniel Sousa from Agent Carter.

The Agents of SHIELD season 7, scene 3 trailer includes the arrival of Agent Carter’s Daniel Sousa. In the number one spot up to the last period of Agents of SHIELD, fans got a couple of energizing bits of news that natural characters would return in the time travel story. This started with Patton Oswalt returning as Koenig in the initial two scenes of season 7, however it was additionally recently reported that Enver Gjokaj would repeat his job from Marvel TV’s other ABC arrangement.

Gjokaj played Daniel Sousa in the initial two periods of Agent Carter, however his time as the character seemed to finish up in 2016 with the cancelation of the arrangement. Sousa was one of Peggy Carter’s associates during her days at the SSR (before she made SHIELD), and watchers last observed both of them strike up a sentiment. On account of the time travel Agents of SHIELD is utilizing in season 7, however, Sousa is making a hotly anticipated come back to the MCU. Since the time his arrival was reported, fans have been holding on to realize when and how it would occur.

Following scene 2’s discharge, ABC (by means of TV Promos) discharged a promotion for the third scene of Agents of SHIELD season 7, which is titled “Outsider Commies from the Future!” Among the numerous prods remembered for the 30-second sneak look of the following scene, the arrival of Sousa is the most energizing. In the recording demonstrated as follows, Sousa’s arrival comes at the end.

The points of interest of Sousa’s arrival despite everything aren’t affirmed, in spite of the fact that it appears that Agents of SHIELD has now ventured out to the 1950s. This would imply that Sousa’s arrival will occur after the occasions of Agent Carter, flagging fanatics of Marvel TV’s contributions throughout the most recent couple of years may at long last realize what occurred after Agent Carter finished. The job he will play in Agents of SHIELD could be attached to the following objective of the Chronicoms, as Daisy Johnson perceives “Peggy Carter’s old accomplice” in the wake of holding his record. Does Sousa have a task to carry out in the “space weapon” the Chronicoms are after?

With some recording of Sousa’s arrival presently discharged, it is not yet clear to what extent he will be a piece of Agents of SHIELD’s story for season 7. The measure of scenes that Gjokaj took a shot at has not been uncovered, yet ideally he’ll in any event be a piece of a two-scene circular segment like Oswalt. Numerous scenes with Sousa would give Agents of SHIELD sufficient opportunity to spread out any potential uncovers about what occurred after Agent Carter. There are even bits of gossip that Hayley Atwell will make an appearance as Peggy Carter as well, so Sousa’s arrival might be only the start of the associations Agents of SHIELD should the fleeting Marvel arrangement.