Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Zuko & Azula Final Fight Imagined In Live-Action Fan Video

An epic fan video rethinks Zuko and Azula’s last battle from Avatar: The Last Airbender in live-activity structure. What’s more, indeed, it’s superior to the film.

An epic fan video reconsiders Zuko and Azula’s last battle from Avatar: The Last Airbender in live-activity structure. One of the principle features of Avatar is the idea of twisting, or when an individual can control one of the four components for either regular purposes or battling. Each twisting style is one of a kind and dependent on a genuine hand to hand fighting structure, and they’ve prompted some extremely momentous battle scenes. This urgent one between kin Zuko and Azula happens in Avatar’s last scene, “Sozin’s Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang”.


Zuko and Azula’s competition is entrenched when their climatic fight comes to fruition. The two kin were consistently in rivalry on account of their capacity hungry dad Ozai, and the break developed significantly more extensive when Zuko settled on the choice to adjust himself to the Avatar and his companions. In the last scene, while Aang faces Ozai, Zuko must prevent Azula from assuming responsibility for the Fire Nation. This prompts an Agni Kai, or a customary duel for respect. The Zuko versus Azula Agni Kai is generally viewed as one of the features of Avatar, which is likely why it was chosen for this fan video.

The video was made by RE:Anime, a group that transforms anime successions into live-activity. The Zuko and Azula battle was shared a couple of months prior and is by a wide margin the greatest Avatar video they’ve made at this point. A significant part of the scene matches what was appeared in the vivified arrangement, yet the closure takes a marginally extraordinary turn. You can see it for yourself in the space underneath.

There was beforehand an endeavor to acquire Avatar to the big screen live-activity structure with 2010’s The Last Airbender. In any case, it was a famously awful exertion, with fans leaving generally disappointed with the choices made. It really says a ton that this fan made video is much better than The Last Airbender for a few reasons. Not exclusively are on the whole the entertainers ethnic minorities, yet the bowing really coordinates with what was found in the energized arrangement. It’s protected to state the individuals of RE:Anime comprehend Avatar far superior than those engaged with The Last Airbender.

Avatar will get another took shots at live-activity magnificence with a Netflix arrangement, which is as of now in progress with unique makers Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. There have been barely any reports on that venture past the straightforward actuality that it is going on, however the achievement of Avatar’s essence on Netflix may help speed things up. Ideally when it comes time to shoot, those taking a shot at Avatar: The Last Airbender cut nearer to the fan video than the film.