Bigg Boss 16 2nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Gautam And MC Stan Fight

Nimrit says allow’s assign obligations. She says we’ve human beings to prepare dinner. She asks Abdu to easy. She asks Sajid.. Sajid says I can do dishes. Ankit says I can do dishes as well. Nimrit asks Stan to do the living room. Soundarya says I can cook however I am a vegan. Nimrit says to Sajid you need to share the bed with Shiv. She asks Sumbul to percentage it with Gori.

2:forty five AM Sajid says smoking is dangerous however you gained’t die of surprise, dogs gained’t chew you and thieves won’t come. Dog received’t chunk because you will cough all day. You could be up all night in order that they’ve won’t come. And you will die a sluggish death so no shock.

Three:30 AM
Sajid and Abdu come to the dialogue room. Bigg Boss says Sajid, Abdu is our guest, we want you to be his translator. He asks to inform everybody.. Sajid tells each person he’s Abdu’s legit translator. Sajid suggests Abdu round. He says don’t pass in the pool it’s deep. He says he’s Bakri (goat).

Four AM Abdu says to Bigg I am best with translation. He says please ship small weights for my workout. Sajid says please Bigg Boss.

4:45 AM Soundarya says I sat with Archana. Priyanka says she’s pretentious. She desires to get into everything. Sreejita says sure she wants to be in the whole lot. Archana says you cook dinner for them and they try this.

10 AM Archana says to Tina you left the stone on. Be cautious. Tina says I didn’t. I shut it. Archana says accept your mistake. Tina says I shut up. Archana says then I am mendacity. I shouldn’t have left it on. Gori says I saw it, it become one. 12 PM Everyone wakes up dancing.

1 PM Sajid laughs round with Abdu. He tells a secret to Sajid. Sajid says he’s so lovable. Tina says sure he’s very lovely. Soundarya says I have by no means stolen. Sajid says but you stated you’re right here to make cash. Manya says in the meanwhile cash is extra critical for me.

1:30 OM Abdu gets his small mic. Everyone is satisfied. They all hug him. He says it’s very pleasant. Tina asks MC what’s your real call? He says Altaf. She says why did you call your self Mc? He says I favored it. I dropped out of college after I became well-known. MC raps for them. They all experience it. Nimrit additionally joins them. They all clap. Ankit says thoroughly.

2 PM Bigg Boss welcomes them. He says what’s subsequent? They all say venture. He says you all wanna make a call for yourself. I say first excellent morning to you all. I don’t want you all to replicate beyond members. I need you all to trade. The device is one-of-a-kind. The first factor that could exchange is the morning music. You will all wake up with the alarm and then sing Bigg boss alarm. Everyone is taken aback. They examine it at the wall. Bigg Boss says this captain’s duty. They all sing the anthem collectively. They say we like it. Bigg Boss says analyze it so you don’t spoil Bigg Boss’s mood in the morning. Nimrit teaches Abdu. Archana says I thought I could get to bop to extremely good songs.

2:30 PM Nimrit says we’ve eaten all the eggs these days. We should be cautious. Tiina says you are the captain, take a stand. Sajid says take a stand and execute it. Don’t talk it with every person. Sajid asks Abdu if he has a female friend. He says I had one, she’s long gone. Sajid offers him a Partha.

3:45 PM Sajid asks Abdu if he’s rich. He says not that rich, I actually have started out incomes now. My life became very tough. We had a completely bad domestic. I will buy a brand new residence this time I move back. Sajid says you’re very smart and feature a terrific heart. If every body makes a laugh of you, let them he. He says yeah I don’t care. If they’re guffawing it’s their problem. Sajid says too deep, just don’t cross within the pool. They chortle.

Four PM Abdu and Shiv are cleaning. Shiv asks Sajid to deliver a dustbin. He brings it out. Abdu offers it to Shiv. They each easy the floor. Phone earrings. Tina choices. It’s Amir Khan. She’s bowled over. He says that is Amir Khan. The season has commenced. It’s so true. I need to talk to Shalin. He says Shalin.. I honestly like your frame. Shalin says it’s genuinely Amir Khan. Amir says are we able to do a task? I need you to dive into the pool. I wanna see it. Shalin says Amir Khan requested me to dive within the pool. I swear it turned into him. I thought it changed into a joke. They all ask him to jump. Shalin takes his shirt off and jumps. Everyone claps. He choices up the telephone, Amir Khan says to do it over again. Shalin jumps once more. He says turned into it best now sir? Tina says you might have to do it once more. It’s not ideal. Shalin picks up the smartphone. Amir says this wasn’t ideal and I am a perfectionist. Shalin says once more. Sir? He goes lower back to the pool and says if this wasn’t Amir Khan and a person is pranking me I would lose my mind. Shalin jumps again. Amir Khan says this became superb. He says are you truely Amir sir? He says sure. Shalin is pressured.

Five PM Phone rungs again. They all say hiya one at a time. Soundarya alternatives it. He says I want to speak to Gautam. Gautam takes the telephone. He says I were given a incredible body. I need you to reveal how right your physique is. He says I am being requested to take off my blouse. He takes to the air his shirt. It’s Hirthink Roshan. He asks Gautam to do a dance move. Gautam dances. He does Hirtika’s moves. He picks up the smartphone again. Hrithik says a great job. I love it.

Five:15 PM
Nimrit says Tina, Manya, Priyanka, Sreejita, Soundarya, and Sumbul will do the cooking. Their teams could be divided day and night. Archana says I wanna cook dinner. I decided at the begin. Nimrit says you could prepare dinner if you need however that won’t be your responsibility. Archana says I can cook dinner properly. Why are you doing this? She says the cooking department isn’t your obligation. Gori said she can make tea. Archana says you may’t alternate duties like this. This isn’t okay. Nimrit says I am the captain. Don’t take mileage. Sumbul says she’s the captain. Priyanka tries to talk to her. She says I don’t want to speak to you.

6 PM Sonu Nigam calls for Tina. She says are you actual Sonu? Please sing for me. He says I want you to do a venture with Abdu. Abdu will sing and you may dance on Dil Deewana. She asks Abdu if he is aware of this tune. He saysyes. I will sing. Abdu sings, and Tina dances. Everyone else is consuming. Sonu tells Tina you probably did well and so did Abdu.

6:40 PM Archana receives a name from Pankaj Tripathi. He says you’ve got a mission to visit the maximum useless man or woman inside the house and write vain on their head with black ink. Archana says this will be fun. She cpiisk her Kajal. Archana involves Nimrit and says I actually have a challenge. Nimrit says I received’t can help you. She says Bigg Boss has requested me to jot down vain at the character I discover useless. Manya says this isn’t k. Are you crazy? Archana says I were given this assignment and I need to do it. Nimrit says ok first-rate. She writes uselessly (undergo on her head). Nimrit says I will take my stand. I can’t exchange duties and matters on your comfort. No one preferred the tea you made. Priyanka says yes no one liked it but we didn’t say it because we didn’t need to harm you. Archana says okay but I have to write it. Nimrit receives angry. She says I don’t need to speak to you. Nimrit goes to the washroom. Archana tells Pankaj she did her challenge.

7:30 PM Shalin lays in bed. He says where do I go. I desired to be wealthy listening to MC Stan’s songs.

Eight:30 PM Manya says I am with you. We can’t stand with you Archana if you’re wrong. Archana says I got here right here to find myself if I can do politics or not. If I make a mistake I continually apologize. I am no longer someone’s servant. I received’t do paintings like this.

8:45 PM Bigg Boss is on call. He asks for Nimrit. Nimrit tells Nimrit that each one calls were pranks. Come to the confession room and ask all people to accumulate within the residing region. Bigg Boss tells Nimrit I actually have eyes on the captain 24/7. If I see the captain no longer doing properly, I will name and fireplace them proper away. You need to be responsible all of the time. When the captain gets fired, the brand new project for a brand new captain could be accomplished proper away. Many rules are being broken. If the cellphone rings, that’s a threat for you. She leaves.

9:30 PM Nimrit says to Archana anybody cooked so it got dirty. Archana says you cook Sreejita. I will easy later. Just cook dinner cleanly, it won’t be a hassle. I received’t maintain doing it all of the time.

10 PM MC Stan comes to the confession room. He says you’re very gifted. Would you educate me some rap? MC Stan teaches him, and Bigg Boss sings after him. Bigg Boss says MC Stan on level and inside the residence is a bit different. He says I know, I am trying to gel in. I will do my excellent. Bigg boss says experience me, bro? MC laughs and says yes bro. Nimrit says to Stan you’ve achieved no challenge yet. You will ought to do something. He says I will.

11 PM Sajid does the dishes. Ankit says permit’s go away the mugs. Sajid says can we make a rule that everybody has to do their own plate and cups. Gautam says there are too many dishes Nimrit. We have completed it thrice. Nimrit says I am now not even able to speak to all and sundry. We are all adults right here. If you do your very own paintings, there received’t be a trouble. Archana I can’t easy before they do the dishes. Gautam says it must be cleaned before the dishes. Archana says so I will smooth the sink and water once more says she’s very tense. She receives irritated. Manya says she thinks too critical of herself. Gautam says if we see leftovers in whatever we are able to depart the cup.

12 AM Gautam asks MC to do his cleaning on time. We are not all and sundry’s servants. MC says whilst did I say you’re my servant? Don’t display me this mindset. Soundarya asks him to calm down. Gautam says I am no longer showing you mindset. MC says decrease your voice. Nimrit asks them to loosen up. MC says you simply want to take a seat and spot people doing their responsibilities. Gautam says I am no longer the captain. I didn’t show any mindset. Are you coming to hit me? MC says you’re shouting. Shalin says he’s a harmless guy. MC says I easy it. Sajid asks Gautam to calm down. Sajid says he’s a rapper. Gautam says I did the dishes first. Gori says he did his task. The captain is checking their duties. Gautam says he requested me to take a seat right here whilst he does his paintings. MC says it wasn’t even a hassle. Nimrit says I realize he were given wrong. Shalin says he talks in that tone. You’re getting it incorrect Gautam. Sajid says he’s a pleasant man and so are you. Let’s cross, be a larger man. Gautam says I don’t have any trouble with him.

Sajid brings Gautam internal and asks them to hug them. Gautam and MC hug. MC says I will easy two times for you bro. Sajid says Gautam is your fan. MC says I recognize him too. Sajid says now supply me 20 rupees for placing you both.

12:30 AM
Tina and Sreejita come to the confession room. Bigg boss says enthusiasts and I each are pressured. You each stated you’re antique buddies however the media had reviews which you each had problems. Tina says the media maintains spreading rumors. We’ve got never given any bite inside the media. Sreejita says she stated our moms are pals. We were too much in contact for two years. Tina says we have no issues with every other. Bigg Boss asks Sreejita she stated she didn’t like Tina’s dominating nature on the Goa retreat. Tina says while did I dominate you? Srajeeta says you liked things your manner. Tina says it wasn’t even my vicinity. Why might I dominate it? Sreejita says we stayed there for 3 months. We had a few fights there. Tina says the ones were petty issues. I wasn’t dominating. Sreejita says I felt that manner. Even I am a bit dominating so it clashes on occasion. Bigg Boss says we and fanatics both are in a hurry. Sreejita says it’s been handiest an afternoon. To me, Tina is also one of the different contestants. So I actually have the same method as her. Tina says you’ve got both recognised every other for 10 years. We don’t see any relation among you . We desired readability, both fans and myself. You can move now.

2:45 AM
Archana says I turned into cleansing they stated they wanna do the dishes. I stated it changed into hard. Shalin says Sajid Bhai should take delivery of something else. Tina says he desires to be a captain. Nimrit says every body does. Nimrit says correct. Archana says he (Sajid) isn’t glad. He doesn’t sit with people. Shiv says he does. He sits with human beings and makes you laugh. You continually study from him.