Batman Will Need Nightwing To Win The Joker War

In the most recent requesting from DC Comics, it’s been uncovered that Batman will require Dick Grayson’s assistance in Joker War, returning as Nightwing!

DC Comics’ Joker Wars is quick drawing nearer, where Joker will store up his powers in what he accepts will a last encounter with Batman, any semblance of which fans have never observed. Joker’s been developing to this for quite a while, and will even figure out how to get his hands on the Wayne Family Fortune to back his ambush on the Dark Knight. On account of the most recent sales from DC Comics, fans presently realize that Batman won’t face Joker’s military alone. In Batman #99, Batman will find support from Dick Grayson, who will make his arrival as Nightwing!

Aficionados of the Batman funnies realize that Nightwing’s arrival in Batman #99 is enormous. In 2018, Nightwing was shot in the head by KGBeast while out on the lookout with Batman. While Dick Grayson endure the assault, Nightwing didn’t. In other words, the extreme injury to the head brought about huge memory misfortune for Dick, making him change his name is Ric and have another existence, disposing of his suit and turning into a cab driver in Bludhaven. While others took up his suits and mantle to carry on the Nightwing name, Ric was content to begin another part (at any rate until his granddad mesmerized him to turn into the following Talon.) However, it worked out that once Ric broke liberated from his granddad’s control, he began to recollect his past life as Dick Grayson, his association with Batman, and his time as Nightwing.

The sales for Batman #99 appears to show that Dick may really get his recollections back in full, or if nothing else will wear the Nightwing mantle again at Batman’s solicitation. Joker will be an over the top danger this time for Batman to go only it, and he’ll be requiring all the assist he with canning get from his Bat-Family and partners. The way that the OG Nightwing is returning at any level ought to be cause for festivity for some, Bat-fans, and it’s been bound to happen. Nightwing speaks to the best and light-filled pieces of Batman and what the Dark Knight could be, were he to relinquish the torment of his folks’ demises as Dick has with his own folks. It leaves Dick alone his own legend and have his own point of view with regards to wrongdoing battling, while still manufactured in similar flames that his guide has. Here’s the requesting for Batman #99, section 5 of the Joker War, and the hotly anticipated return of Nightwing:

  • Batman #99
  • Written by James Tynion IV
  • Art by Jorge Jimenez
  • Card stock variant by Derrick Chew
  • 1:25 card stock Nightwing variant cover by Jorge Jimenez
  • The Joker War” section five of six! Things have changed, as Batman acknowledges he can’t battle this war alone. He’s going to require help. Before he faces down The Joker, he should call up his trusty accomplice Dick Grayson! Be that as it may, would dick be able to recover his lost recollections so as to join the fight?