The Flash Family is Headed For Their Biggest Battle in DC History

The Flash and his partners have confronted numerous foes and defeated numerous difficulties throughout the years, yet none progressively epic then this one!

The Flash has confronted numerous miscreants and triumphed over malice before, yet can The Flash defeat his most prominent test yet? Since the time the DC Rebirth occasion in 2016, Barry Allen has confronted a plenty of difficulties from his maverick’s exhibition, for example, Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, and even the Reverse-Flash. Notwithstanding, Barry would not confront these dangers alone, as he had help en route from his partners and companions, for example, Kid-Flash (Wallace West), Avery Ho (The Flash from China), and the first Wally West. Together, the Flash Family had the option to conquer the innumerable dangers to Central City, the Speed-Force, and even the whole world! In spite of everything, in any case, the Flash Family still can’t seem to confront their most noteworthy test yet, one that they probably won’t have the option to survive.

Ongoing issues of The Flash have pit Barry against his deadliest enemy, Paradox, who wished to dispose of The Flash and clean his inheritance from the whole multiverse. Overpowered by Paradox, Flash made a trip through an ideal opportunity to request help from the small time who crushed Paradox previously, Reverse-Flash! Long-lasting Flash Villain, Eobard Thawne has detested Barry Allen for quite a long time and was liable for the demise of Barry’s mom. Notwithstanding, even Reverse-Flash knew the stakes when Paradox was included and chosen to offer his help to his most despised adversary. At the point when Paradox had authorized his end-all strategy, Reverse-Flash had figured out how to get through and stop the reprobate in a non-deadly way, according to Barry’s solicitation. This didn’t mirror a difference in heart for the miscreant, as Thawne continues to kill Speedster Anti-Hero, and Barry’s companion, Godspeed, and afterward set off to make his own “Streak Family.”

In spite of the fact that the fight among Flash and Reverse-Flash families still can’t seem to begin, the ongoing DC Solicitations for Flash #761 uncover that things are looking dreary for the Flash Family. The spread picture shows a triumphant Reverse-Flash hooking Barry, as the remainder of the Flash Family lies crushed. From Bart Allen (Impulse) to try and characters like Max Mercury, the whole Flash Family has apparently been beaten while Barry is compelled to glance on in distress. Despite the fact that the Reverse-Flash remains solitary, obviously even the joined endeavors of the Flash Family are apparently insufficient for this battle, which means something bad for The Flash.

Past sales have apparently appeared in any event part of Reverse-Flash’s military, including any semblance of Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, The Turtle, and even the Trickster. Every single one of those miscreants all through The Flash arrangement has on the whole vanquished Central City all alone. With their endeavors consolidated, the Flash and his family would absolutely have their hands full managing every reprobate. To additionally convolute the circumstance, The Flash’s youngsters from the future, The Tornado Twins, will likewise show up in the current day to apparently mess up their dad. Besides, Reverse-Flash will apparently have Barry Allen’s body before the residue settles, with the goal to assault the Flash Family while they’re powerless. Obviously, The Flash has a difficult, but not impossible task ahead throughout the following scarcely any months.

  • The Flash #761
  • Written by Joshua Williamson
  • Art and cover by Howard Porter
  • Variant cover by InHyuk Lee
  • “End goal” section three! It’s the Flash Family versus the Legion of Zoom! Witness the greatest fight in Flash history as the different sides clash for the destiny of things to come! Can the Flash prevent the relentless Reverse-Flash from hauling him down into an individual hellfire Barry Allen can never get away?!
  • In Stores September 8th, 2020