Cook at all Costs season 1 winners’ list: How much money did each champion take home? Recap and more

Cook no matter what, Netflix’s as of late debuted unscripted television series, spins around three new home cooks each episode, who fight it out against one another more than two rounds. In the event that you’ve watched Vicious Kitchen, it’s very comparable, just without the undertakings of the previous.

The guidelines for Cook no matter what are basic. Each cook gets $25,000 in their bank, which they use to purchase and offer on a secret box and ingredients for those two rounds.

The hopeful who dazzled the visitor judges the most with their dishes is delegated the champ, and leaves with the cash they have left in their bank.

The show is facilitated by Jordan Andino, a well known gourmet expert, restaurateur and television character. It incorporates eight episodes, and every episode highlights three new home cooks and another VIP visitor judge setting up the errands for them.

The authority rundown of Cook no matter what peruses: “In this kitchen challenge, home cooks bid on ingredients to make dishes that will dazzle superstar visitor judges – and win the money left in their bank.”
Assuming you’re interested about who won every episode and how much cash they left with, continue to peruse.

Regardless, every contender was given $25,000 in their bank. In cycle one, they were given three secret boxes – a spend box which had great ingredients, an unexpected box which had shock ingredients, and a save box that had fundamental ingredients to prepare a dinner.

The cook with the most noteworthy bid got the spend box, the cook with the least offered got the save box, and the in the middle of between got the unexpected box.

Every secret box was arranged by the big name visitor culinary specialist who showed up in that episode. Utilizing the secret boxes, the home cooks needed to set up a dish for the visitor judge. Aside from the secret box, the adjudicator additionally sent across a few reasonable ingredients that the cooks could offer on and buy for their dish. The cook with the best dish, was delegated the primary round and furthermore got a benefit.

The subsequent round likewise comprised of a similar secret boxes, yet this time, the champ of the primary round, got to conclude who got what box. This time, the crates likewise accompanied a proper award. The spend box was evaluated at $8,000, the unexpected box was estimated at $6,000 and the save box was valued at $4,000. Yet again separated from that, the visitor judge sent across ingredients that could be utilized, and the cooks needed to offer and buy what they need.

They had 45 minutes on the clock to prepare an ideal dish that intrigued the visitor judge. The cook with the best dish toward the finish of cycle two was delegated the victor and left with the sum left in their bank.

Beneath referenced are the visitor decided for every episode of Cook no matter what, and the home cooks who won.

Episode one In episode one, culinary specialist and business visionary Esther Choi was the visitor judge. The champ of the episode was Nick, who left with $17,490.

Episode two In episode two of Cook no matter what, culinary specialist, restaurateur and James Facial hair assigned cookbook writer Richard Blais was the visitor judge. The champ of the episode was Beth, who left with $9,000.

Episode three In episode three of the Netflix series, the Sovereign of Southern cooking, Melba Wilson, was the visitor judge. The champ was Justin, who left with $9,749.


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Episode four In episode four, the grill champion, Melissa Cookston, was the VIP visitor judge. The champ was Katie, who left with $10,799.

Episode five In episode five, James Facial hair Grant victor Nancy Silverton was the VIP visitor judge. The victor of the episode was Dominic, who left with $3,900 that he had left.

Episode six In this episode, New York Times smash hit cookbook writer Rick Martinez was the visitor judge. The cook who intrigued him the most was Danica, who left with $9,000.

Episode seven In this episode of Cook no matter what, game master Nyesha Arrington was the superstar visitor judge. The cook who arose the champ was Smita, who won $9,600 that she had staying in her bank.

Episode eight In this episode, acclaimed culinary expert, business visionary and television character Gabe Kennedy was the superstar visitor judge. The home cook who won the episode was Roni who brought back home $10,000 that he had in his bank.