Darlene Krashoc Murder: Where Is Michael Whyte Now?


The city of Colorado Springs was stunned into quietness when Fort Carson soldier Darlene Krashoc was viewed as disfigured and choked to death behind an eatery. In spite of the fact that Darlene’s body was found on March 17, 1987, it took specialists over thirty years and progressed DNA innovation to chase down her killer. Examination Discovery’s ‘Looking into the issue With Paula Zahn: A Mother Knows’ draws a distinctive image of the frightening homicide and shows how splendid insightful work and a never-surrender mentality assisted regulation authorization with multiplying down on the executioner years after the homicide. How about we investigate this wrongdoing and discover where the culprit is as of now, will we?

How Did Darlene Krashoc Die? Darlene Krashoc was a 20-year-old soldier positioned in Colorado Spring’s Fort Carson at the hour of her passing. Depicted as a liberal and sympathetic individual, Darlene was very near her family and adored making others grin. An exuberant and unique individual, she was likewise very well known among her companions who lament her awkward end right up ’til today.


Cops doing the rounds in Colorado Springs ran over Darlene’s expired body unloaded behind a Korean café on March 17, 1987. The underlying assessment spotted outrageous mutilation, and a post-mortem examination decided strangulation as the reason for death. She was additionally exposed starting from the waist with her jeans tangled around her lower legs, alluding to conceivable sexual maltreatment. The examination later determined that the casualty was choked with a garments holder somewhere else prior to being unloaded behind the café. In addition, the homicide weapon, which lay on the scene, a smoked cigarette butt, and hints of semen inside the casualty’s jeans gave specialists an unfamiliar DNA test.

Who Killed Darlene Krashoc? Beginning examination concerning Darlene’s homicide was incredibly delayed as the police had no prompts work with. The show referenced that the military as well as the police held hands in the examination and talked with many known associates however without any result. In addition, even the proof recuperated from the homicide scene was delivered futile as there were no suspects or people important to seek after. Despite the fact that specialists figured out how to follow Darlene’s development on that pivotal evening and discovered that she was out drinking and moving prior to being seen with a secret man, nobody knew about the man’s personality.

Along these lines, Darlene’s homicide sat perplexing for a really long time before the police chose to involve progressed measurable testing strategies in 2017 to follow the DNA recuperated from the crime location. They took the assistance of Parabon NanoLabs and, utilizing the procedure of phenotyping, reduced unmistakable elements that could assist with recognizing the suspect. Pictures of how the suspect thought back in 1987 and how he could examine 2017 were likewise delivered. At last, through a couple of family line locales, officials followed the DNA to a connected bloodline and, utilizing ancestry arrived upon Michael Whyte, who seemed like the most conceivable suspect. Upon additional examination, officials discovered that Whyte lived very near the homicide scene back in 1987, and he even appeared to be like the prescient portrayals of the alleged suspect.

In any case, specialists actually required substantial confirmation, and hence officials followed Whyte as he approached his regular day to day existence. The police followed the suspect to a drive-through joint and figured out how to catch a soft drink cup he had utilized. The DNA separated from the soft drink cup matched the one recuperated from the crime location giving measurable proof to warrant a capture. Thusly, Michael Whyte was captured and accused of Darlene’s homicide.

Where Could Michael Whyte Now be? Indeed, even after his capture, Whyte demanded his honesty and asserted that he was not engaged with the homicide. Notwithstanding, he was indicted for first-degree murder and condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole in 2021. In spite of the fact that Whyte actually asserts he is guiltless, he remains detained at the Crowley County Correctional Facility in Crowley County, Colorado.