Harley Quinn Recreates The Joker To Save The Justice League

“Color Hard” sees Harley Quinn compelled to do the unbelievable to spare the Justice League and the world – reproduce the mishap that made The Joker!

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn season 2, scene 10 found the main screw-up do the exact opposite thing she at any point needed: assistance Joker recuperate his memory and his craziness with the goal that she could spare the Justice League. This unexpected unforeseen development was the finish of about each subplot in Harley Quinn season 2, which has based on Harley managing the unintended results of her activities; one of which was to permit Joker to carry on with his life as a typical, rational man instead of murdering him after he attempted to remove her character with a normalizing compound shower.

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Joker returned into Harley’s life in Harley Quinn season 2, scene 10, “Color Hard”. Taken off alone on Christmas Eve and as yet harming from Poison Ivy’s refusal to try and consider seeking after a sentimental relationship with her, Harley was in the temperament to get liquored up and discover another person. Sadly, the main somebody ready to converse with Harley in the elegant bar at the highest point of Wayne Tower was the barkeep, who was totally dumbfounded that Harley was his ex and that she had done everything conceivable to remove him of her life. The entire circumstance was so cumbersome it was right around a help when psychological oppressors assumed control over the pinnacle and Harley, in what might have been an unmistakable gesture to the film Die Hard even without the scene title, withdrew into the structure’s ventilation work to make all the difference, with Joker cuffed to her and his recollections of who he had been beginning to restore the more worried he became.

Amusingly, Harley was at last compelled to attempt to reestablish Joker’s recollections after it turned out to be certain that the driving force behind the fear based oppressors was Doctor Psycho, whom Harley had selected into her posse when no other criminal association would have him. A long way from appreciative, the sexist mystic loathed taking on a supporting role to a female scoundrel and framed a mystery coalition with The Riddler, whom Harley had additionally abused in her ascent from henchwench to supervillain. The two plotted to burglarize Wayne Enterprises of a cap that would support Doctor Psycho’s forces and empower him to assume control over the Parademons Harley brought to Earth and deserted before in the season. Once Harley and Joker had gotten away from Wayne Tower, she bemoaned that solitary the Justice League could stop Psycho currently, inciting Joker to state that he’d had a fantasy about the Justice League being caught in a book of tales he’d been perusing. This enlivened Harley to take Joker to Axis Chemicals, where she hesitantly drove him into a similar tank of synthetic concoctions that initially transformed him into Joker.

As absolutely crazy as this thinking seems to be, there is strategy to Harley Quinn’s frenzy. The Queen of Fables cooperated with The Joker during his offer to take over Gotham City toward the finish of Harley Quinn’s first season and Harley was there when she caught the Justice League in the mystical storybook that was the wellspring of her capacity. The book vanished after Harley executed the Queen yet obviously Joker recouped it and kept it before his own defeat. This implies Joker could hold the way to liberating the Justice League and sparing the world.

There’s only one major issue with that situation that Harley doesn’t appear to have thought of, with regards to the season’s subject of her getting things done without thinking about the consistent outcomes. It appears to be exceptionally impossible that Joker will need to help Harley Quinn spare the world, especially on the off chance that it implies liberating the Justice League after he endeavored to trap them. All things considered, it wouldn’t be the first run through Harley Quinn has resisted the chances and her ex to do the apparently incomprehensible.