Holly Strickland Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?


The secretive homicide of Holly Strickland, a caring mother, has long disturbed her love ones. Seemingly an easygoing walk around the terrace at last finished in her inauspicious passing. Examination Discovery’s ‘Privileged insights, Lies and Private Eyes: The Bullet and the Bounty’ centers around private agents investigating Holly’s killing around seven years after the fact to check whether they could find to the point of persuading the specialists to return the case. Anyway, we should discover what happened then, at that point, will we?

How Did Holly Strickland Die? Holly Fox Strickland was a Georgia local and a mother of two small kids. Friends and family portrayed her as a sweet individual who took extraordinary consideration of her children. In the wake of graduating secondary school, she proceeded to function as an administrator at Kroger, a nearby supermarket. At the hour of the occurrence, she was isolated from her significant other yet lived with her previous parents in law in Gainesville, Georgia.


The last time the 32-year-old was seen was between 9:30 PM and 10:00 PM on February 3, 2014. After Holly had taken care of her girl, she went out into the lawn to chat on the telephone. In any case, she wasn’t seen at home the next day. Holly’s vehicle, satchel, and different things were currently at home, and she was accounted for missing on February 5. Around three days after the fact, a relative saw Holly’s body in the terrace along a timberline. She was completely dressed however was shot in the face from a good ways. The specialists understood that Holly’s telephone was absent.

Who Killed Holly Strickland? On the show, John and Alex Dalman, a private examiner pair, reconsidered the case for any new leads. Notwithstanding her partition from Dusty, she resided with his mom and stepfather at their home while Dusty resided somewhere else. In any case, as indicated by Holly’s sister, Angela, she was intending to move out of the house around that time. The examination later gave no indications of rape or protective injuries and that it was anything but a short proximity shooting.

As indicated by the show, while Holly’s telephone wasn’t found, records showed she got three approaches the telephone that evening; two from a closest companion and one from Dusty. Through cautious assessment, Dusty and his folks were precluded, leaving the agents back where they began. Afterward, the examiners were warned in regards to somebody who knew something about the homicide.

An insider let the examiners know that a companion admitted to him about realizing who submitted the homicide, naming a lady. Afterward, a companion of Dusty’s likewise referenced a similar name. This lady met Dusty while he was in prison, and she was a previous bondsman. According to the show, Dusty’s companion guaranteed that this lady once undermined Holly. While there was no substantial evidence, two individuals discussing a similar individual provoked John and Alex’s interest.

Moreover, a pen found at the crime location was sent for DNA testing, and keeping in mind that the outcomes returned uncertain, it had male and female DNA on it. When John and Alex took the data to the police, they consented to resume the examination. In September 2021, the specialists reported they would devote additional time and assets to investigate Holly’s homicide and have requested anybody with data to approach.