Imlie 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Atharva

Chini admires Rana mansion. She appears on the branded curtains and exquisite vase. Keya notices her and asks if she will take that vase domestic. Chini drops it in shock. Keya yells she doesn’t know that she broke a treasured vase. Chini says if she had not apprehensive her, she wouldnt’ have dropped it; anyways she is aware of its value as she is Rathore’s daughter. Keya asks when why her surname isn’t always Rathore. Chini says even Keya became Rana after marrying in Rana own family otherwise.. Keya fumes. Imlie fixes broken vase with fiviquick right away like in advertisement and talks about the bonding between her and Chini. Keya says what is find whilst the cracks have already seemed within the vase. Imlie says cracks may be filled with love in relationships and define the value of relationships. Rudra overhears that and claps praising Imlie’s taught and says she proved him yet again that he didn’t make a mistake by way of selecting her for his son, he is waiting for a day when she will enter his house and maintain the own family united like this vase. Imlie feels satisfied even as Chini frowns.

Rudra gathers visitors for Atharva’s engagement and calls Imlie on degree. Imlie walks on level with Chini. Atharva smiles at Chini and selecting an engagement ring seeks Chini’s hand. Imlie shows her hand instead. Atharva stands taken aback. Rudra introduces Imlie as Rana circle of relatives’s would be bahu. Atharva is greater greatly surprised and tells Rudra that he needs to talk. Rudra excuses himself and walks away with Atharva. Reporters query Imlie how is she feeling as she is turning into such large circle of relatives’s DIL. Narmada says Imlie is happy and feeling shy. Anu thinks Imlie is marrying in a wealthy family. Rudra asks Atharva what is the difficulty. Atharva says he loves Chini and not Imlie. Rudra remembers Chini’s arrogant behavior and says he selected Imlie and subsequently Atharva will marry Imlie. Atharva refuses and says god is aware of that he most effective loves Chini. Rudra asks him to say its a world’s lame comic story. Atharva says reality is he loves Chini and didn’t even study Imlie for a second.

Rupali and Arpita get concerned. Anu loudly says looks like boy doesn’t need to get engaged and therefore walked away together with his entire own family. Arpita warns her to thoughts her tongue and not begin a drama. Anu scoffs that she didn’t reflect onconsideration on her own family reputation, however Ranas are. Narmada warns her to think properly earlier than speaking towards Rathore own family. Anu asks if she will assist Imlie now. Narmada says her behavior with her own family is her problem, however she will no longer let an outsider factor at her family; each Imlie and Chini’s destiny are special. Anu says Imlie is inauspicious. Imlie feels sad listening to that. Chini tries to cheer up Imlie and asks her to study the treasured engagement ring.

Devika tells Atharva that he’s burdened in his love. Rudra warns him to consider his sister earlier than rejecting someone’s daughter, Rathore gave their daughter while he begged them, does he need Rathores to sense humiliated. Atharva says he doesn’t need to humiliate every body. Rudra asks if he thinks Imlie is imperfect. Atharva says Imlie is best, but she is not of his type; he had visited police station due to Imlie, she is so harmless that she mistook a drug to a churan; he by no means taken into consideration Imlie to be his companion. Keya thinks of taking benefit of the scenario and says Rudra discovered him a good life accomplice as Chini isn’t even Rathore’s daughter, Imlie has followed a sister out of courtesy. Atharva says anything it’s miles, he goes to interrupt up his alliance with Imlie and announce his engagement with Chini. Rudra stops him and offers him a tight slap.

Imlie starts offevolved crying. Anu alerts Chini to begin the drama. Chini says boy’s family isn’t extreme about the alliance and subsequently hasn’t come out yet. Rupali warns her to prevent joking. Chini says if they’re now not joking, at the least we ought to. She mixes milk in cold drink and says DJ Arto is bubbly and active like this bloodless drink and milk is calm and conservative like milk, they both can’t unite. Arpita asks if she will be able to’t see her sister’s tears. Chini says she is preparing her sister for the approaching outcome and could herself go and test what’s taking place at boy’s end. Imlie is going to hope god. Vaishali tells Rudra that he need to no longer force Atharva to suffer for his one mistake and offers her instance that she is struggling as she couldn’t get a true love. Rudra says he is trying to guard Rudra from that situation. Vaishali requests him to break this alliance. Rudra refuses.