Is Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 new tonight on ABC, February 3?


Is Gray’s Anatomy new this evening after an extended break? Will we see Station 19 preceding the beginning of the Winter Olympics?

We realize that during the forthcoming Games in Beijing, we will see a significant rest for a ton of early evening TV – these two shows included. They’ve been behind closed doors for the aggregate of the period as of now and sadly, that will proceed with this evening. ABC has no designs to air either series for something like a couple of more weeks, and that implies more opportunity to lounge around and contemplate whether or not Owen endure the insane occasions of the last episode in 2021.

Probably the biggest thing we’re actually pondering is just this present: What’s making ABC not discharge any further film? Why not share another trailer or something now? We realize that there is a big hybrid dividing these two shows as they work to save Owen, so good sense would suggest that the organization should feel free to begin making way for a portion of that. The possibly motivation to stand by is assuming they are arranging some kind of epic last-minute push, and that has all the earmarks of being a piece of the arrangement right now.

We’re certain that there are a lot of stories sitting tight for us past what’s approaching for Owen. Take, for instance, how Meredith Gray has been treating Minnesota for a decent piece of this season, in addition to the situation with her relationship with Nick Marsh. Considering that there as of now is a season 19 recharging, that essentially should give the journalists some adaptability to mess about. There’s no great explanation for them to tie up each last detail at this moment!