Is the Sarah Lawrence sex cult founder finally paying for his crimes?

Envision that your school flat mate says her father needs a spot to crash for a couple of days. A great many people wouldn’t appreciate it, not to mention that a twisted religion pioneer will dwell in their home. Indeed, that is by and large the thing happened to the understudies of Sarah Lawrence College.

Sarah Lawrence College is found only north of New York City and the residences there turned into a favorable place for a faction like following of Lawrence V. Beam. In 2010, Ray moved into his girl’s (Talia Ray) green bean apartment and started to program, misuse, and blackmail her flat mates and companions.

There were an aggregate of eight years of Mr. Ray’s physical and mental maltreatment that proceeded with long after he moved out of the quarters. Understudies moved in with him at a one-room condo on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

As of late, this vile religion pioneer has as of late been served a decision. After almost an extended preliminary, attendants tracked down Mr. Ray at real fault for each of the fifteen counts, including coercion, sex dealing, and racketeering scheme. How did the moderately aged man crawl as he would prefer into the personalities of youthful undergrads, acquiring cash and power? Allow us to separate the inward activities of the Sarah Lawrence hunter.

From “treatment meetings” to rich clique pioneer Lawrence V. Beam moved in with his little girl at Sarah Lawrence College in Westchester County subsequent to being set free from jail on charges connected with a kid guardianship debate. Before long, he began “treatment meetings” with her flat mates. During the preliminary, investigators would later portray this as ill-conceived “treatment” meetings, in which he claimed to tackle understudies’ mental issues.

When he acquired their trust, he quickly started to blackmail cash, constrained them to have intercourse with outsiders, and constrained a young lady, Claudia Drury, into prostitution on one event, inside a Midtown Manhattan inn, Mr. Ray set a plastic sack over her head, confining her relaxing.

“For almost 10 years, Lawrence Ray took advantage of and mishandled young ladies and men inwardly, actually, and physically for his own monetary profit,” Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney in Manhattan, said after Mr. Ray was captured.

Mr. Ray’s maltreatment was at first uncovered in the New York Time highlight, The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence. In this article, Ray’s “hero” kind of control and misuse was revealed interestingly alongside his sidekicks which included Isabella Pollok, a previous Sarah Lawrence understudy who examiners said turned into Ray’s “confided in lieutenant,” notwithstanding Ray’s girl.

He goes after individuals’ feelings: love, dread, culpability, and disgrace Mr. Ray has been portrayed to utilize strategies for control like those utilized by clique pioneers like Keith Raniere of NXIVM. Dr. Janja Lalich, a teacher of humanism at California State University having some expertise in research on cliques, affirms Mr. Ray’s way of behaving is average of religion pioneers.

Dr. Janja Lalich states, “They go after individuals’ feelings, love and dread and responsibility and disgrace,” she said. “You become increasingly more reliant upon the pioneer since you believe he’s the one in particular who can save you.” as such, faction pioneers figure out how to dive supporters into passionate emergencies, then offer salvation.

Mr. Ray and Ms. Pollok constrained a lady, to offer sexual types of assistance to individuals and expected her to record them. Those accounts were then given to Mr. Ray. At the point when Mr. Ray would fly off the handle with the lady given the pseudo name of Felicia in court, he would then take steps to uncover her.

One more lady they constrained into prostitution was a young lady by the name of Claudia Drury. For around five years, Drury worked seven days per week, meeting monied clients who paid her over the top measures of cash in return for sex, she said.

Claudia Drury gave about $2.5 million to Ray that she acquired while accompanying and residing in different Manhattan lodgings, where she would meet her clients. At the point when Ray felt compromised that Drury was slipping from his control, he and Pollok stood up to her at the Gregory Hotel in Midtown, where he tormented her for quite a long time throughout the span of an evening. There is video proof of such torment which was played during Ray’s preliminary.

The Ray Family Lawrence V. Beam had solid connections to both the police and crooks. These associations safeguarded him from openness and capture, however he likewise benefited financially. Because of the reality he had such strong associations, a large number of his casualties were terrified to approach.

Examiners said they wanted to call as an observer a cop in Pinehurst, N.C., who might affirm that she talked with a casualty of Mr. Ray. The casualty had been hospitalized after a self destruction endeavor and had wounds all around her body however rejected that Mr. Ray had abused her.

Beam, who’s presently 62 years of age, faces life in jail for his wrongdoings connected with Sarah Lawrence College. He was condemned by Manhattan government Judge Lewis Liman. All through the extended preliminary, investigators and casualties painted Ray as a computing hunter who declared command over a gathering of understudies and others to improve himself as the head of a criminal association he named “The Ray Family.”