It Took 4 Seasons For ’13 Reasons Why’ to Take Responsibility & Let Go of Hannah

“How could we arrive?” That’s one inquiry posed in 13 Reasons Why’s fourth and last season. On the off chance that it wasn’t at that point clear that the once reasonable show about the difficulties of secondary school had taken a turn towards lathery teenager dramatization region—the last season hardened it. A few minutes were simply too ridiculous to even think about evening be near reasonable. However, on the off chance that you can acknowledge the way that the scholars surrendered relatability for emotional exciting bends in the road at that point it’s conceivable to persevere through the season. All things considered, you may even appreciate it.

A tremendous storyline in the last period of the well known Netflix unique is that the staff at Liberty High School has decided to execute wellbeing estimates like metal finders, cops observing the foyers and surveillance cameras. This prompts a profound separation among instructors and understudies, particularly after a lockdown drill turns out badly and winds up with primary character Clay Jensen in a psych ward.

This turns into the most ridiculous plot point. Would a center to upper-working class rural secondary school ever discharge shots with an end goal to “set up” its understudies for a functioning shooter circumstance? Dubious. Would crime scene investigation ever be called to assess spray painting? Probably not. What’s more, would understudies pull off exploding a vital’s vehicle during a walkout? No way. Maybe it’s the show’s scene named “Acknowledgment/Rejection” where watchers may have checked their screens to ensure they were all the while viewing a similar show.


In any case, I believe it’s the show’s less stunning storylines that vibe suggestive of the calmer minutes that made 13 Reasons Why a hit in any case. The snapshot of disintegrating subsequent to losing the young lady you love. The snapshot of supporting your companion through an extreme time. What’s more, the snapshot of looking past all the torment, and deciding to endure secondary school and at last, life. Since that is the genuine subject of the last season: endurance.

One of the main lines of the period is articulated by Clay: “Will I endure? Since I know such a large number of individuals who didn’t.” And, he’s correct. Three secondary school understudies have died in the previous three seasons. Be that as it may, they’re not by any means the only ones. You didn’t figure the show would end without another demise, did you? The huge riddle of the period is “Who passed on?!” The show opens with a scene at the memorial service of an anonymous individual. Apparently, a Liberty understudy. It’s not until the last scene that it’s uncovered that the dead understudy is as a matter of fact Justin Foley.

“’13 Reasons Why’ addresses the conviction that somebody’s activities can prompt an individual taking their life.”

It’s a comprehended actuality inside the 13 Reasons Why fanbase that Justin was the character with the most character improvement. He advanced from the abhorred muscle head who had not one, yet two tapes. Keep in mind, he was the person who spread gossipy tidbits about Hannah and was an inside and out snap to any individual who wasn’t a football player. In any case, the person who devastatingly died from AIDS was not that individual at long last. Notwithstanding this change, we can’t overlook he let his closest companion at that point, Bryce, assault his better half, Jessica. He was sorry various occasions all through the arrangement (and again before his demise), yet that doesn’t change the way that his activities (or scarcity in that department) are something Jess will convey with her for a mind-blowing remainder. His life is proof that assuming liability isn’t in every case enough and can’t totally fix the harm that is as of now been finished.


Like I clarified before, it’s the littler minutes that made this season exceptional. Viewing Alex, who used to be hung up on Jess, explore his sexuality felt characteristic and fair. He came out and discovered joy. Who might have expected that after he endeavored self destruction in the main season? Who might have anticipated that Clay should be casted a ballot the senior class speaker at graduation? His discourse unquestionably will carry tears to watchers’ eyes since it shows that the entirety of the Liberty seniors probably won’t have endured secondary school solid, however they made it.

The show’s fundamental reason comes down to obligation. The obligation to take responsibility for your activities. The obligation to comprehend the intensity of words. The obligation to step up when somebody is off base. The duty to be there for your companions. What’s more, in particular, the obligation to live one more day, and one more and again after that. Hannah’s self destruction is confirmation of what can happen when individuals don’t assume liability. Obviously, Bryce’s terrible activities of assaulting Jess and afterward Hannah couldn’t be cleaned away with a negligible statement of regret. 13 Reasons Why tends to the conviction that somebody’s activities can prompt an individual taking their life.

“The show’s fundamental reason comes down to duty.”

A large portion of the fundamental characters felt gigantic blame in the wake of hearing Hannah’s tapes and for their activities in ensuing seasons. They were simply the reasons she murdered, yet was it what their identity was or what they did? Justin, Jessica, Alex, Tyler, Courtney, Marcus, Zach, Ryan, Sheri, Clay, Bryce and Mr. Doorman every hurt individuals. What’s more, the rundown goes past the names on Hannah’s tapes. Some hurt individuals coincidentally, while others hurt individuals malevolently. Jess and Hannah’s rapes ought to have never occurred. There is no situation where it is OK to abuse another person in such a manner. However, Alex still confessed to feeling lament over murdering Bryce. What’s more, Jess took Justin back in spite of the agony he caused her. We as a whole have individuals in our lives who have harmed us. I’m not the slightest bit decreasing the criminal demonstrations of a portion of the characters. The inquiry is: Do those individuals have the ability to change? In the event that we accept the narratives in 13 Reasons Why, at that point the appropriate response is yes.


It’s fascinating to imagine that a show that started with a young lady’s self destruction can have such a cheerful completion. However, seeing the understudies at Liberty graduate and proceed onward to more promising times and more promising times to come advises us that we as a whole include that inside us as well. Such an extensive amount the show has been about individuals attempting—and in some cases falling flat—to spare others. The basic truth is we can’t spare everybody, except we can spare ourselves. We can get by to see one more day and ideally, be a superior individual.