Kundali Bhagya 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi vows to ruin the life of Arjun

Preeta mentions arjun took Kajal from her eyes and applied the tika so how can he do this, Arjun questions Rakhi if he did something fallacious while Rakhi replies that some thing accomplished with an extraordinary aim will not be flawed, Preeta leaves angrily pronouncing now she also can be taking his thing. Rakhi tries to cease her however Preeta doesnot listen, Arjun exclaims she is like this and is sort of a bitter cord, Rakhi replies karan used to talk about her in the equal method while arjun exclaims this means she is like that, Rakhi leaves with a grin.

Prithvi is riding the bike whereas making a song when Raja stops the motorcycle, Prithvi says he can do no matter once they reap the home however Raja replies to the petrol has ended within the bike, prithvi exclaims why is he so unprofessional considering the fact that they got here to break him from prison.


Vishnu mentions he can deliver the petrol from the petrol pump, prithvi replies they donot have their very own mobiles while Raja questions if this implies he isn’t going to provide them their cash, Prithvi mentions raja ought to mention if he seems like a liar and thief, Raja replies that he really looks like a liar and thief, Prithvi replies he have to as soon as once more say what he seems inside the eye, raja mentions he appears a completely fine specific man or woman. Prithvi assures he’ll cause them to wealthy if they most effective do what he requested them to, Raja assures being attentive to which Vishnu mentions that is dishonest they usually were the ideal of pals.

The attorney assures they every would nonetheless be friends but have to know Prithvi is an great precise individual., Prithvi explains he’s proper to risky people for the reason that they’re sincere with him but those who act to be right but are evil, ought to pay the price for ruining him. Raja mentions he’s talking approximately Arjun, Prithvi in frustration exclaims that he’s certainly going to make Arjun perceive how wrong he has completed to him.

Sameer requests Shristhi to now not be indignant with him in view that he has apologized, Shristhi replies she dreams him to like her, he assures he loves her quite a chunk. Shristhi replies she goals him to apprehend her work and praise if she does one factor proper, Sameer praises her for doing such an first rate work, Shristhi explains he praises her after she compliments her personal self. Sameer attempts to touch her legs however she takes a step once more, Sameer exclaims he’s going to without a doubt express regret to her. Sameer mentions that Preeta Bhabhi is coming so she have to no longer conflict with him, Shristhi replies she doesnot want to give her sister any extra stress. Sameer leaves Shristhi while Preeta informs that she heard Arjun likes Shristhi, she requests her to no longer panic and keep away from him however Shristhi leaves replying that she feels top.

Bi jee is sitting with Janki while Shristhi comes and reasons her to be dizzy, Bi jee asks her to comprehend Janki will not be that younger however previous now, Janki replies she remains to be youthful then Bi jee but she can get offended exclaiming that her entire household is previous, Janki mentions they want to now not talk like this, Bi jee well-knownshows she is the female friend of Arjun although Shristhi replies Preeta di without a doubt knowledgeable her that Arjun likes her, she sees Anjali walking so warns her that she should keep away from Arjun on the grounds that he likes her, Anjali replies she will be able to do regardless of she needs in advance than strolling away.

Anjali calls Rishab, she asks why did he tell Shristhi that she likes arjun and she or he’s going to now not be curious approximately any competition, Rishab immediately apologizes explaining he in no way purported to unfold all of it but is distinctly sorry, Anjali exclaims even then it’s now not actual given that she doesnot like him, Rishab assures he might right each part however Anjali is anxious what he could possibly do as soon as he reveals the reality, Rishab mentions he’s a pleasant unique character so wouldn’t do something flawed however he’s though going to proper every part and until then she can have a drink.

Rishab walking mentions he first noticed her and then the flower so feels she will need to have it, Shristhi exclaims that Arjun likes her while Rishab replies that everyone loves her, Shristhi exclaims he doesnot love her so Rishab questions if he has to tell her usually that he likes her. Rishab mentions that Janki aunti is aware about he liks her or even Dadi is aware of it, Daid replies he even gave her a flower but now not like karan as he didn’t make any new lady friend after her, Rishab kisses her hand, so she can get worried. Rishab clarifies no matter he stated approximately Arjun and Anjali changed into mistaken since it’s his mistake, they all being attentive to it instantly run away which worries Rishab.

Mahesh standing is considering how Rakhi stated that arjun moreover accepted her order when she acquired strict with him, Arjun sees him while he entails ask Mahesh why is he so tensed and that his face would in all likelihood even make the moon sad. Mahesh replies it’s not anything like that, Arjun explains that moon and love have a deep relation as they take a look at it when their coronary coronary heart is damaged or even when they have a girlfriend, Arjun exclaims Mahesh might need heard the tune which makes Mahesh smile, he exclaims that he didn’t realize Arjun could be succesful to speak in regards to the moon and romance however his dialog as we speak made him absolutely sense just a little emotional and completely satisfied. Mahesh explains he searches for Karan within the moon however will not be capable of locating him wherever. Mahesh explains he feels as if Karan is status in font of him whilst he sees Arjun, he not able to control himself hugs Mahesh. Preeta can also be now not capable of undergo it so gets emotional.

She is about to stroll away but Mahesh calls her close, saying she ought to tell him that he appears like Karan they normally all speak about him saying Arjun behaves likes Karan or even talks like him, citing how he’s the shadow of Karan so she must say if she additionally feels the identical. Mahesh leaves upon getting a name.

Preeta stands beside arjun, he calls her asking if she moreover misses karan the identical as the the rest of the relations and does she additionally honestly feel some of his habits are like Karan. Preeta turns inside the path of him with a tensed face, she is usually involved approximately how he moreover helped her without a doubt as karan used to do, and she or he felt the equal feeling making use of the ointment. Arjun says she didn’t respond him.

Sherlin opens the door and is amazed to see Prithvi, he exclaims she concept he wouldn’t attain the bail if she in no way helped him, he’s speeding inside the domestic vows to damage all and sundry however is greatly surprised to look the broken distant. Sherlin hugs Prithvi whilst he’s going to get nervous asking what occurred, Sherlin replies she is fed up with this lifestyles while Prithvi explains all of it happened because of him as her mother refused to take her in due to him but need to supply him some time on account that each element can be super.

Prithvi exclaims he can do some thing but now not check any lady with an evil eye as he himself hates such women, however he has had sufficient of Arjun, despite the fact that he doesnot recognise that Prithvi doesnot supply a reply with stone but a mountain. Sherlin vows to ruin the lifetime of Arjun while Prithvi explains finally all of them have come, Sherlin doesnot understand whilst Prithvi calls Raja and Vishnu internal, he informs he has come to take the pen force which can ruin the lifetime of Arjun.