Leonard Houda Murder: Where are Walter Dendy, Emilio Charafardin, and Neal Bross Now?


For Leonard Houda, an apparently standard outing to the supermarket finished in his passing in the parking garage. The specialists then, at that point, started to search for the inspiration driving such a designated assault, driving them to an evil homicide for-employ plot. Examination Discovery’s ‘A Time to Kill: A Chemical Solution’ centers around the heightening quarrel among Leonard and one more man that in the end prompted the previous’ passing. Thus, assuming you’re interested to discover more, we take care of you.

How Did Leonard Houda Die? Leonard Rudolph “Rudi” Houda was born in Chicago, Illinois, in September 1936. At the hour of the episode, the 63-year-old was a resigned Air Force skipper and the supervisor at Souter’s Resort in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida. Leonard was depicted as an agreeable man who kept himself occupied; he and his canine were a normal apparatus nearby. At around 3:22 pm on July 9, 2000, Leonard’s outing to a neighborhood supermarket turned deadly in practically no time.


An observer revealed seeing a man coming up to Leonard while stacking food into his vehicle. The presume called out to Leonard out and threw sulfuric corrosive on him. This left the 63-year-old with broad consumes as he returned into the supermarket, shouting. Onlookers called 911 while others attempted to help him. While Leonard was raced to a clinic, he died around 11 days after the fact because of extreme consumes, different organ disappointment, and sepsis.

Who Killed Leonard Houda? The specialists discovered that Leonard Houdahad a continuous fight with Walter Dendy, the President of the Edgemar Condominium Association, across the road. At the focal point, all things considered, was a 10-foot piece of property that Souter’s Resort and individuals from the townhouse shared. Nonetheless, Leonard started to accept that the apartment suites were leased by “bothersome individuals” and didn’t have any desire to share the property any longer. This prompted a ton of ill will among Leonard and Walter.

Whenever Walter was addressed at first, he professed to not have anything to do with the assault. With no proof highlighting him and an absence of criminal history, the specialists looked somewhere else. A tip drove them to John Coburn Alexander, who possessed a white pickup truck that matched the escape vehicle’s portrayal. According to the show, Alexander confessed to loaning it to a later distinguished companion as Emilio Charafardin. The last option had a criminal history and was in the long run found to California.

When Emilio, then, at that point, in his late 40s, was in care, he carefully described what occurred. He functioned as Walter’s janitor at that point. Walter had come dependent upon him with respect to an arrangement to “deal with” Leonard. They plotted to utilize corrosive to dazzle Leonard, yet the assault turned out badly, leaving him dead. As indicated by Emilio, he recruited Neal Bross, a house painter, to toss the corrosive while he filled in as the escape driver.

A representative of a substance organization had recognized Walter as the one who purchased 19 gallons of sulfuric corrosive two or three o days before the homicide. According to the show, Emilio was additionally present during the deal. Different observers expressed Walter recruited individuals to harm the hotel’s property by vandalizing it. At last, Emilio’s admission was urgent in drawing an obvious conclusion and considering Walter capable.

Where Are Walter Dendy, Emilio Charafardin, and Neal Bross Now? Walter Dendy, then, at that point, 67, was at last viewed as at legitimate fault for second-degree murder. In May 2003, he was condemned to life in jail. Emilio Charafardin was additionally indicted for second-degree murder and condemned to 25 years in the slammer in March 2003. Concerning Neal Bross, he was viewed as at fault for third-degree murder and condemned to 15 years. He guaranteed not to realize the corrosive was as solid and said he was simply employed to hurt Leonard, not kill him. Later on, Walter and Neal’s convictions were upset in light of a lawful issue. Nonetheless, they were indicted for similar charges and afterward condemned in 2005.

Jail records show that Walter remains imprisoned at the Dade Correctional Institution in Homestead, Florida. From everything we can say, it appears to be that Emilio died while carrying out his punishment. While the reason for death is inaccessible, he died on August 4, 2020, and was around 56-years of age at that point. At last, Neal was set free from jail in November 2013. While his latest area remains Florida, not much else is had some significant awareness of what he does right now.