‘Love Alarm’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in August 2020

The expansion of Love Alarm checks one more magnificent K-Drama to the Netflix bedpost. After an awesome first season and an incredible precipice holder, endorsers are as of now requesting when we can hope to see the following period of Love Alarm. We’ve known for some time the arrangement has been recharged, and we can at last affirm that Love Alarm season 2 is coming to Netflix in August 2020.

Love Alarm is a Netflix unique lighthearted comedy arrangement dependent on the webtoon of a similar name by creator Chon Kye-Young. The arrangement is the fourth full Korean Original arrangement by Netflix however Love Alarm was, actually, the first to be requested.


In an undeniably digitalized age so too do our affection lives. At the point when an obscure designer discharges a dating application it becomes a web sensation in South Korea. The application will tell the client on the off chance that somebody inside 10 feet of them has sentimental affections for them, this extraordinarily disturbs everyday life for Jojo. Before long Jojo discovers her trapped in an affection triangle between Lee Hye-yeong and his closest companion Hwang Sun-goodness the attractive model.

Love Alarm Season 2 Netflix Release Date

We currently have affirmation that the second period of Love Alarm will be coming to Netflix on August 22nd, 2020! Special material has been doing the rounds via web-based networking media, with banners highlighting the up and coming second season’s discharge date.

Love Alarm Season 2 production status

Official Status: Filming

Devotees of Love Alarm will be enchanted to discover that the cast rejoined for a content read of the subsequent season, recently.

In spite of an affirmed discharge date, recording has been continuous for Love Alarm season 2. In a meeting with Star Magazine, entertainer Song Kang examined what he was getting up to when he’s off the arrangement of Love Alarm.

Love Alarm Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 06/11/2019)

We can at long last affirm that Love Alarm will return for a subsequent season! Netflix declared the news on different online life outlets and a video with the cast individuals reporting the news was transferred to The Swoon.

Does the story warrant another season?

Positively. By the seasons’ end, the Love Alarm application got an update for its 2.0 dispatch. Going past knowing whether somebody has sentimental affections for somebody, the application would now be able to tell if an individual inside 10 meters cherishes them.

Similarly as the update goes live, Jojo found that not exclusively does Lee Hye-Yeong love her yet so does Hwang Sun-gracious. This was affirmed by the Love Alarm application when both of the young men are inside the necessary span to trigger the application.

Jojo is currently left with a decision, does she return the sentiments of Lee Hye-Yeong or does she decide to be with the attractive model Hwang Sun-really?

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