Lucifer Season 6: DB Woodside Returning As The Angel Amenadiel

The uplifting news continues seeking Lucifer fans, as DB Woodside has affirmed he will be returning for the 6th and last period of the show.

The uplifting news continues seeking Lucifer fans, as DB Woodside affirmed he would return for the 6th and last period of the show. His character, the blessed messenger Amenadiel, has been one of the most vital pieces of the arrangement, filling in as Lucifer’s more seasoned sibling and incessant foil, continually attempting to take his more youthful sibling back to Hell somehow. His arrival to the show likewise accompanies another energizing advancement for the entertainer.

For a very long time, devotees of Lucifer figured the up and coming fifth period of the show would be the last. Before the finish of May, be that as it may, it appeared arrangement star Tom Ellis was preparing for another run at playing the nominal character. Before the finish of the next month, the show was formally restored for a 6th season. One of the waiting inquiries concerning season 6 relates to which unique cast individuals will endure season 5.

It would appear that Woodside is among the individuals who will be back for season 6. The on-screen character took to Twitter to report his arrival to the job of Amenadiel for the last season, a section he’s played since the show’s pilot on Fox in 2015. Woodside likewise declared he would step behind the camera, guiding one of the last season’s scenes. Lucifer season 6 subtleties are still moderately obscure, however Woodside’s arrival ensures Amenadiel’s story isn’t reaching a conclusion at any point in the near future.

Woodside’s declaration was met with celebratory tweets from fans, just as his individual cast individuals. Aimee Garcia, who plays scientific researcher Ella Lopez, stated, “Yahoo!!! Well done @dbwofficial ! Our skilled blessed messenger will be steering. Can hardly wait amigo.” Meanwhile, Lucifer himself likewise tolled in, tweeting about his fervor to be working with Woodside by and by, both as an entertainer and chief.

Now, Woodside and Ellis are the main two entertainers authoritatively affirmed to be returning for season 6 of the show. In any case, Garcia’s tweet appears to show she’s hoping to work with Woodside when he coordinates a scene. There will without a doubt be bounty more who go along with them, however since the primary portion of season 5 hasn’t broadcast yet (it’s coming to Netflix on August 21), it’s not satisfactory if the entirety of the show’s characters will even get by to the last season. All things considered, it’s a promising sign the siblings will stay together until the stopping point. With any karma – and with Kelly Clarkson’s requests, maybe – the remainder of the first cast will have returned to give Lucifer a fitting end.