Nat Geo’s Biggest SHARKFEST Ever Announced! [EXCLUSIVE]


National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD’s SHARKFEST 2020 commences Sunday, July 12, with its greatest arrangement ever Screen Rant can solely declare. Summer’s fan-most loved occasion highlights 17 unique specials across the two systems for en epic, five-week SHARKFEST long distance race.

The Hunt Is On for the Rookie of the Year, the Tiger Shark, in WORLD’S BIGGEST TIGER SHARK?. Catch the Hall of Famer, the Bull Shark, and Other Sea Creatures in SHARKS VS. DOLPHINS: BLOOD BATTLE. The G.O.A.T., the Great White Shark, Returns with the New One-hour Special SHARKCANO, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

The Olympics might be waiting, however National Geographic is this present summer’s definitive special hitter with the season’s other fan-most loved diversion — SHARKFEST! Highlighting the sea’s top competitors, National Geographic and Nat Geo WILD together are airing five entire long stretches of activity stuffed shark programming with 17 unique debuts and the best shark programming from the systems’ gigantic library as a feature of its greatest ever shark staggering. Exhibiting the sea’s most prominent rivals in their characteristic natural surroundings, the eighth yearly occasion starts Sunday, July 12, on National Geographic, trailed by about fourteen days of content on Nat Geo WILD, starting Sunday, August 2.

As the system’s late spring MVP, SHARKFEST consistently overwhelms its rivals with instructive, inventive shows featuring shark examination and preservation. In any case, each late spring, it likewise hits an excellent hammer with engaging, heart-beating content that makes a weeklong occasion resemble a minnow.

This present season’s beginning arrangement for SHARKFEST on Nat Geo incorporates the accompanying:

World’s Biggest Tiger Shark? —Emmy Award-winning cinematographer Andy Casagrande and sea life researcher Kori Garza excursion to a remote tidal pond in French Polynesia to jump with the “tigers of Tahiti” looking for the world’s biggest living tiger shark, Kamakai. While there, they catch agreeable chasing strategies between two adolescent tiger sharks unexpectedly on film! Snap here for a nibble of the activity.

Most Wanted Sharks —Of the a great many sharks in our seas, a chosen few are so captivating, they’ve become overall superstars with armies of fans and devotees. In Most Wanted Sharks, sea life scientist and shark-suit creator Jeremiah Sullivan plunges into the tales of the most electrifying shark stars ever.

Sharkcano — Sharks and volcanoes, over the globe: where you discover one, you locate the other. Specialists have not made sense of what draws in sharks to the hotspots, yet widely acclaimed shark researcher Dr. Michael Heithaus is set for make sense of the appropriate response. He jumbles the globe and dangers life and appendage to reveal the stunning genuine connection between these two fearsome powers of nature.

Sharks vs. Dolphins: Blood Battle — Blood Battle — a definitive quarrel is pursued underneath the waves: sharks versus dolphins. They’ve shared the sea for centuries, yet researchers have just barely started to comprehend the unpredictable connection between the two. The unique follows a group of specialists as they travel to the focal point of this savage battle — Shark Bay, Australia — to open the insider facts of shark and dolphin battle.

Shark vs. Surfer — Surfers aren’t the main competitors in the water; they share the playing field with the most remarkable players underneath surface, and regularly, they’re no counterpart for the genuine threat among the waves. In Shark versus Surfer, travel to the most shark-pervaded surf spots far and wide to hear frightening shark-and-surfer stories told by the survivors, alongside understanding from the world’s driving sea life scientists, Ryan Johnson and Dr. Steven Kajuira.

Geoff Daniels, official VP of worldwide unscripted diversion at National Geographic:

“For as long as eight years, Nat Geo and Nat Geo WILD have been THE goal for watchers to get very close with one of the world’s most striking animals, and this late spring we’re gobbling up the opposition AGAIN with a phenomenal line-up of activity stuffed shark appears. More than five entire weeks, our watchers will get a definitive home field preferred position to observe the sea’s geniuses in their prime, so pull up your sea shore seats and prepare for some SHARKFEST!”

Through the span of five weeks, Nat Geo and Nat Geo WILD keep on hitting it out of the recreation center with an assortment of other stunning SHARKFEST firsts and specials to grab the watcher’s attention, including Raging Bull Shark, at present competing for the title of the world’s most hazardous shark; and When Sharks Attack, a SHARKFEST sturdy that deciphers the secret of why sharks abruptly strike. In Sharks of the Bermuda Triangle, a sea life researcher tracks a slippery tiger shark to reveal Mother Nature’s most puzzling hotspot, and experience the power of an ocean life stalemate in Shark versus Whale.

The long distance race of programming likewise underscores the best of the systems’ wide shark library content — which incorporates several hours of programming — with titles airing all through the five weeks, starting at 6/5c each night.