On this month Korean productions which to be aired on Netflix: April 2020

Time to Hunt, one of the Korean productions to be released on Netflix this month, was planned primarily to be released in movie theaters, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be broadcast globally by Netflix instead of movie theaters.

Тіmе То Нunt


Director: Yооn Ѕung Нуun

Type: Thriller, crime

More information: Lее Но Нооn, Аhn Јае Ноng, Сhоі Wоо Ѕhіk, Раrk Мung Міn, Раrk Нае Ѕоо

Release Date on Netflix: April 10, 2020

Jun-seok, who is released from prison in a dystopian city full of despair, plans a casino robbery in hopes of a new start with his friends Jang-ho, Ki-honn and Sang-soo. However, the plan is broken after someone they do not know is after them. Will these close friends get rid of being prey?


Director: Кіm Јіn-Міn

Type: Crime, Drаma

Cast: Кіm Dоng Нее, Јung Dа Віn, Раrk Јоо Нуun, Nаm Yооn Ѕоо, Сhоі Міn Ѕоо

Release Date on Netflix: April 29, 2020


In the story, a high school students who choose a life full of crime with the hope of earning money and fall into dangerous situations due to the extreme risks brought by this life. Oh Jisoo, is determined to earn the college fee on his own, whatever the way. However, because of this determination, he commits a serious crime. While Seo Minhee is pulled into this crime, Jisoo’s schoolmate Bae Gyuri is also involved in this crime. The bad choices they make will have implications that cannot be changed. There is no turning back anymore. A life full of crime and violence awaits them.

The first season, which will consist of 10 episodes of 50 minutes, will be broadcast on April 29, 2020.

Тhе Кіng: Еtеrnаl Моnаrсh

Episodes: 16

Тype: Comedy, Love

Cast: Lее Міn Но, Кіm Gо Еun, Wоо Dо Нwаn, Кіm Куung Nаm, Јung Еun Сhаѕе

Release Date on Netflix: April 18, 2020

At the centre of this romantic fantastic series, which takes its genre to a whole new level, are the relationships of people who come in two parallel universes. As King Lee Gon tries to seal the passage between dimensions, detective Jung Tae-eul wants to protect the lives and love of others. While the script of The King: Eternal Monarch is written by Kim Eun-suk, Baek Sang-hoon and Jeong Jee-hyun are sitting in the directing chair of the series.


Ѕеason: 1 | Episodes: 16

Тype: Comedy, rоmаnce

Cast: Јоо Јі Нооn, Кіm Нуе Ѕоо, Lее Куung Yоung, Кіm Но Јung, Ѕоng Yоung Куu

Release Date on Netflix: April 18,2020

Jung Geum-ja lawyers are one of the undesirable plants in the garden, almost like the weed. Regardlessof how bad his methods are, he is ready to try all the humbug in the literature to make money. Yoon Hee-jae is a top-notch lawyer born with a silver spoon in his mouth, with a great ego. Itis like a blooming orchid. Although they are extremely different from each other, both lawyers turn into crafty while serving top class clients.

Ноѕріtаl Рlауlіѕt

Ѕеason: 1 | Episodes: 16

Тype: Health, living

Cast: Јо Јung Ѕuk, Yоо Yеоn Ѕеоk, Јung Куung Но, Кіm Dае Муung, Јеоn Мі Dо

Release Date on Netflix: April 6, 2020

Since they went to the medical school together 20 years ago, we have been watching the relationship between five friends who have maintained a close relationship between them. While they are close enough to read their thoughts looking into each other’s eyes; the daily life of people who stay short time in the hospital where these friends work is a small-scale version of life in the outside World. Song-hwa is the de facto spiritual leader of the fives.

While Seok-hyeong is hermit, Ik-jun is both academically and socially sophisticated. Althoug Jun-wan is an outstanding surgeon, he is quite unhappy. Jeong-won is always kind and attentive at work. However, he is a very nervous character in his private life.