Stephanie McClurg Murder: Where Is Jason McClurg Now?


911 administrators in Winona, Missouri, got a disturbing approach May 4, 2014, from Jason McClurg, who guaranteed that he tracked down his better half, Stephanie McClurg, lethargic in their home. When specialists on call arrived at the scene, Stephanie was articulated dead because of a medication excess, and Jason appeared to be incredibly shaken at the procedures. Examination Discovery’s Together forever: Love Sick’ depicts the unexpected passing and diagrams the police examination that uncovered proof pointing at intentional manslaughter. We should investigate this case and discover where the killer is as of now, will we?

How Did Stephanie McClurg Die? Stephanie McClurg was recuperating from a troublesome separation when she met single parent, Jason. She and Jason before long struck up a cozy relationship, and it didn’t take long for them to draw near to one another’s children. Subsequent to moving into a house in Winona, Missouri, the couple invited their first kid in July 2012. Tragically, the show referenced that their little girl, who came into this world in 2013, had an untimely birth and died simply a month after the fact. Nonetheless, the pair secured the bunch in October of that very year and had their second child in March 2014.

On May 4, 2014, 911 administrators got a call from Jason, who sounded pretty restless and guaranteed that his better half was lethargic. Officials and clinical staff dashed to the scene, yet by then, at that point, Stephanie had effectively inhaled her last. An examination uncovered that she had ingested too much of medications, and officials tracked down a container of professionally prescribed medications next to her body. Notwithstanding, there were no prompt indications of treachery, and the police at first accepted that the demise was regular.

Who Killed Stephanie McClurg? In spite of the fact that Jason McClurg appeared to be profoundly shaken by the demise of his significant other, his assertions made the police very dubious. He at first demanded that Stephanie had been inert for a seriously significant time-frame, however the casualty’s mom asserted she was addressing Stephanie only 30 minutes before the emergency call. The police figured out how to recuperate Stephanie’s telephone and understood her mom was correct. In any case, it wasn’t sufficient proof to warrant a capture, so they needed to continue to research.

The police assembled much additional data from Stephanie’s family as they were with her and Jason on the day before her passing. As indicated by the show, the casualty’s friends and family referenced that Jason had offered his significant other some kool-help on March 3, asserting that their 2-year-old youngster made it. Notwithstanding, Stephanie felt very debilitated when she drank it, and Jason cleaned the container out prior to taking care of it. Then again, Stephanie’s working environment reached specialists and uncovered that Jason had called to ask about his better half’s disaster protection instantly before her passing.

In any case, specialists got the main advancement when they found Jason’s undertaking. The show even referenced that the young lady Jason was taking part in an extramarital entanglements with approached and expressed that Jason was anticipating killing his better half with a medication glut masked in Kool-Aid. Not entirely set in stone to solidify their argument against Jason, specialists then, at that point, looked through his trailer and recuperated the pre-owned jug of Kool-Aid as well as containers of muscle relaxers. A speedy toxicology report uncovered the reason for death to be an excess from the muscle relaxers, and the jug excessively tried positive for hints of a similar medication. Along these lines, persuaded of Jason’s inclusion, regulation implementation authorities burned through no time capturing him and accusing him of homicide.

Where Could Jason McClurg Now be? In 2014, While anticipating his preliminary in a southeast Missouri prison, Jason got away from bondage during the July 4 festivals. Nonetheless, specialists were hot following right after him and recovered him from a camper trailer close to his old neighborhood two days after the fact. Whenever Jason was created in court, he argued not blameworthy however was indicted for first-degree murder. In light of his conviction, he was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole. Subsequently, as of now, Jason remains imprisoned at the Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston, Missouri.