The 100 Theory: What Really Happened To Bellamy

Bellamy Blake’s destiny was left hazy in The 100 season 7, scene 5, “Welcome to Bardo”, however he’s likely simply missing again instead of [spoiler].

Bellamy’s destiny was left equivocal toward the finish of The 100 season 7, scene 5, “Welcome to Bardo”, however he likely made due by going through the Anomaly. Bellamy’s whereabouts and whether he was alive has been a main impetus in the last season after he disappeared from the get-go in the season 7 debut.

Bellamy’s nonattendance is somewhat cumbersome for the show, as he’s been a focal character since the arrangement started in 2014. At the point when the entertainer, Bob Morley, mentioned a break from the show, he was discounted as being hijacked by the individuals of Bardo, beginning the plot down the bearing of investigating the other tenable planets associated with the Eligius III crucial.

Following half a month prior, Bellamy at long last showed up in The 100 season 7, scene 5 close to the Anomaly Stone on Bardo, attempting to free his sister, Octavia. His appearance finishes in a cliffhanger, as one of the Bardo troopers sets off a type of projectile. After the impact, Bellamy vanished and the Anomaly shut, bringing up the issue of what befell him. Reverberation and Octavia each respond as though Bellamy was murdered, however that is likely not what occurred. Rather, he likely headed out to one of the Anomaly stone’s different planets.

Before Bellamy vanishes, the Anomaly was opened behind him. While it was a secret in The 100 season 6, season 7 has investigated the Anomaly’s inclination as a wormhole, going about as a scaffold between universes over the cosmic system. In the wake of seeing the trooper going after the projectile, which appeared to make a glimmer of light in excess of an enormous blast, Octavia shouted for Bellamy to bounce back through “the scaffold”, the same number of characters call the Anomaly. While the light blinded the characters and the camera, Bellamy could have hopped or fallen go into the Anomaly to get away.

Since Bellamy hasn’t been seen on Sanctum in a long while, this would in all likelihood put him on another planet, potentially Nakara (where Clarke and some others are presently abandoned) or on Etherea, which hasn’t yet been seen outside of the initial credits. This permits Bellamy to have endure the finish of “Welcome to Bardo”, gives more explanation behind the arrangement to investigate new planets, and gives the entertainer extra downtime from the show.

It’s far-fetched Bellamy is dead, as it wouldn’t bode well to execute him off in such an enemy of climactic way. Bellamy hasn’t just been on the show since the primary scene but on the other hand is one of the being a fan’s most adored characters. The 100 has never been hesitant to murder off cherished characters, however those passings have consistently had weight. This scene wasn’t given close to as much weight as those, making it likely he made due here and there and made it to another planet.