The Big Bang Theory: What Happened to Leslie Winkle

Leslie Winkle was a noticeable character in The Big Bang Theory’s previous seasons, yet throughout the years she just steadily vanished from the show.

The Big Bang Theory’s Leslie Winkle (Sara Gilbert) was a key player in the arrangement’s initial not many seasons, however what befallen her as the arrangement went on? Despite the fact that many expected to consider more to be her as the arrangement advanced, throughout the years, she just continuously blurred away from plain sight until she completely vanished.

Before the presentation of Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) and Amy (Mayim Bialik), Leslie was The Big Bang Theory’s conspicuous female character other than Penny (Kaley Cuoco). Like the young men, she additionally works in CalTech as a trial physicist. Appearing in the season 1 scene 3 named “The Fuzzy Boots Corollary,” Leslie principally worked with Leonard (Johnny Galecki) as they utilized a similar lab. This prompts a fleeting indulgence, which additionally made her start a competition with Sheldon (Jim Parsons) after she flaunted her aptitudes by illuminating a condition he’d been having issues with. Their coordinate additionally warmed up when the young men tap her to be their last colleague for the yearly Physics Bowl, following their choice to dismiss Sheldon from their gathering.

Leslie is the female-partner to Leonard; the two characters are even dressed the equivalent, and for a period, many anticipated that her should at last become piece of the gathering. It likewise helped that watchers’ reaction to the character is for the most part positive, inspiring The Big Bang Theory to elevate her to a principle player in the subsequent season. Notwithstanding this, she shows up inconsistently consistently. Following her separation with Leonard, she in this manner begins another, yet less genuine, undertaking with Howard (Simon Helberg). In season 3, she just highlights in the finale as Leonard attempts to restart a sexual relationship with her, which she at last turns down. She wouldn’t come back to The Big Bang Theory until season 9 during Sheldon’s unexpected birthday celebration. From that point, Leslie Winkle is never observed or referenced in the show again.

Leslie blurring endlessly in The Big Bang Theory is because of the essayists being not able to break how to use the character. In 2009, Gilbert was unobtrusively knock off of the arrangement’s ordinary list on the grounds that the show’s authors apparently “couldn’t compose for her, so they changed her status to repeating.” When a representative for the show was requested any remark, they declined to give any. Be that as it may, as fans know, the character was utilized less and less, until she just vanished from the sitcom by and large.

Looking back, it’s abnormal that The Big Bang Theory had issues utilizing Leslie thinking about how well they depicted her in the prior seasons. She had great cooperations with all the characters – even Penny. What makes this odder is that they basically included some sort of variety of the character later on with Amy and Bernadette. Leslie could’ve had either bend of those characters, and it would’ve worked. She previously settled an undertaking with Howard, which they could’ve pushed ahead with, or they could’ve built up a sentimental relationship with her and Sheldon. Regardless of whether she didn’t turn into an affection intrigue, only her being on the show makes for a great deal of chuckles, so it’s incredible why the show didn’t exploit that.