The Cast of the New Series ‘In from the Cold’ Has Been Announced

 The cast of Netflix’s new spy series has been announced. In the new thriller series which was screened and produced by Adam Glass, a single mother whose life is turned upside down with the arrest of the FBI had to decided: Either she will face her past, where she worked as a Russian agent and has long taken over, turning into a US agent against Russia’s underground drug trade and the shadow war targeting the US elections, or risking her family her new life.

   Margarita Levieva, who plays the leading role, stars in the series with the character of “Jenny Franklin”. Anya, an oppressive mentor who tries to ensure her adherence to the Soviet past, is a young Russian intelligence agent who faces a dangerous dilemma among the promises of “New Russia”. Anya is played by Ivanna Sakhno. Also in the series; Cillian O’Sullivan has a role as Chauncey who took over the secret Russian intelligence officer codenamed “Whisper”, is a FBI agent and he forced her to change sides for help him private revenge and Lydia Flemimg has a role as Becca, a teenage skater girl who was unaware that her mother was a secret spy.

    The series, which will consist of 8 episodes of one hour, will air in March 2020.