‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ on Netflix: What we know so far

Netflix is adjusting The Chronicles of Narnia books into both TV arrangement and motion pictures throughout the following quite a long while. Here’s a continuous see of all that we think about The Chronicles of Narnia on Netflix including what’s in store and when to anticipate it.

Before we jump into Netflix’s contribution going ahead, how about we rapidly investigate what the book arrangement is and how it’s been adjusted beforehand.


Note: This is a continuous article that will be refreshed after some time as we find out more – last refreshed: January 24th, 2020.

What are ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’?

We should begin with the nuts and bolts, The Chronicles of Narnia is a book arrangement from the celebrated writer C.S.Lewis that were distributed during the 1950s.

The book arrangement is a dream arrangement that transports us to the anecdotal domain of Narnia. Altogether, seven books were distributed under the Chronicles of Narnia flag.

How the Chronicles of Narnia books have been developed before

The arrangement has seen different adjustments throughout the years including a BBC arrangement, a radio arrangement and

The book arrangement greatest adjustment came in 2005 when Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media discharged the primary film entitled: “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe”.

It later discharged another film that was appropriated under Disney with the third film being dispersed by twentieth Century Fox. A fourth film was arranged yet we accept that has been folded into the principal film for Netflix.

Are the old Narnia movies on Netflix?

As indicated by Unogs, the three principle showy motion pictures are on Netflix however not in the primary English talking districts, for example, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada or Australia.

The probability of these motion pictures coming as a major aspect of the arrangement are remote given Disney is moving their content onto the forthcoming Disney+ administration where they as of now live in spite of the fact that the 2010 film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is quite missing.

How and when Netflix scored the Narnia contract

The updates on Netflix collaborating with The C.S. Lewis Company dropped back in October 2018.

Netflix has a “multi-year bargain” whereby it will have different film and arrangement extends in a hurry all dependent on the books of Narnia.

Back in October, Ted Sarandos who’s the head of content and Netflix said “C.S. Lewis’ dearest Chronicles of Narnia stories have reverberated with ages of perusers around the globe,” including “Families have gone gaga for characters like Aslan and the whole universe of Narnia, and we’re excited to be their home for a considerable length of time to come.”

It was likewise repeated on various occasions that Netflix would adjust Narnia into a Universe preferring situating the arrangement to go facing any semblance of Game of Thrones and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.