The Politician Season 2 Returning Cast & Character Guide

Ben Platt returns for another Payton Hobart crusade in The Politician season 2. Here’s a manual for the show’s cast and characters.

In The Politician season 2, Ben Platt returns for another crusade as Payton Hobart, the unstoppably driven previous understudy body president who is currently running for political decision in the New York State Senate. The Netflix arrangement has a great cast that additionally incorporates Judith Light as Payton’s rival, Dede Standish, and Bette Midler as Dede’s crusade chief, Hadassah Gold.

Made by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan, The Politician debuted on Netflix in 2019 as the principal discharge in Murphy’s $300 million improvement manage the spilling administration. The Politician’s David Corenswet as of late returned for a main job in another of Murphy and Brennan’s Netflix appears, Hollywood.

In The Politician season 2, Payton brings his old team of companions, partners, and previous foes with him in the race for the senate seat, with the cast mostly included returning characters from season 1. In any case, there are a couple of new faces this season too. Here’s our manual for the cast and characters of The Politician season 2.

The Politician Season 2 Main Cast & Characters

Ben Platt as Payton Hobart – An understudy at New York University who is running for the New York State Senate against a long-term officeholder.

Judith Light as Dede Standish – Payton’s rival in the race, who has her aspirations set somewhat higher than her present job as Majority Leader.

Bette Midler as Hadassah Gold – Dede’s devoted battle director, who has been controlling her political profession for a long time.

Julia Schlaepfer as Alice Charles – Payton’s “first woman,” who is as much an accomplice in governmental issues as she is impractically.

Theo Germaine as James Sullivan – One of Payton’s battle guides, who generally urges his contender to avoid messy governmental issues.

Laura Dreyfuss as McAfee Westbrook – Another of Payton’s crusade consultants, who isn’t hesitant to utilize trick to enable him to win.

Lucy Boynton as Astrid Sloan – Payton’s previous adversary in the understudy body president race, who currently crusades for his benefit.

Rahne Jones as Skye Leighton – Astrid’s running accomplice in the understudy body president race, who is additionally now a piece of Payton’s battle group.

Zoey Deutch as Infinity Jackson – Payton’s previous running accomplice in the understudy body president race, who is presently an energetic ecological dissident.

Gwyneth Paltrow as Georgina Hobart – Payton’s mom, who is running an extremely fruitful crusade for legislative leader of California.

The Politician Season 2 Supporting Cast & Characters

Ryan J. Haddad as Andrew Cashman – A previous classmate who despises Payton however offers to help with the battle so as to get something he needs.

Sam Jaeger as Tino McCutcheon – A Texan Senator-Elect with an arrangement to run for president.

Benjamin Barrett as Ricardo – Infinity’s ex, who is in jail yet gives direction to Payton’s group when the political race takes an abnormal turn.

Joe Morton as Marcus – Dede Standish’s significant other, who is in a “throuple” with her and a more youthful man, William.

Teddy Sears as William – The third corner of Dede Standish’s throuple, whose relationship with her and her significant other is an intently watched mystery.

Jackie Hoffman as Shelly – Dede Standish’s incredibly hopeless and rough crusade office secretary.

Susannah Perkins as Jayne Mueller – An enthusiastic young lady chipping in for the Hobart crusade.

Robin Weigert as Andi Mueller – Jayne’s mom, a long-lasting supporter of Dede Standish.

David Corenswet as River Barkley – Astrid’s sweetheart, who executed himself in season 1 and now comes back to go about as Payton’s still, small voice.