Tina Louise Lovato Murder: Where is Darrin Carroll Now?


Tina Louise Lovato, a committed mother of five, was tracked down shot absurdly in her home in Colorado Springs on November 1, 1993. Police at first trusted it to be passing by self destruction, however a post-mortem deciding the demise as a homicide shifted the direction of the examination. Examination Discovery’s ‘Murder Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda: Justified’ narratives the startling homicide and follows the examination that fixed the net around the executioner. We should dive into the case documents and discover where the culprit is as of now, will we?

How Did Tina Louise Lovato Die? Tina Louise Lovato was a gushing and caring mother of five who dwelled in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Loved by her nearby ones and very regarded locally, Tina was portrayed as a liberal and compassionate individual who generally focused on her children over all the other things. In this way, it was to be sure a dull day when out of nowhere Tina was coldheartedly grabbed away from her family until the end of time.


The police observed Tina Lovato’s expired body in the family room of her home. Close to the casualty lay a self-loader magnum gun, which seemed like the weapon that was discharged. Albeit the reason for still up in the air to be a shot injury, the projectile entered Tina’s head from the lower part of her jawline, which at first indicated a potential passing by self destruction. It just so happens, specialists additionally saw a tattoo on the casualty’s body which connoted a possible sentiment among Tina and a man called Darrin Carroll.

Who Killed Tina Louise Lovato? Shockingly, when the cops arrived at the crime location, they observed Darrin Carroll hanging over Tina’s body. He even had some blood splatters on him, which made investigators dubious with regards to his association. Tina’s cousin, Bert, was one more conceivable observer to the shooting. At the point when specialists addressed him, he referenced that the triplet had become pretty inebriated prior to getting back that evening. Bert even went to express that he heard Tina and Darrin having a contention before a gunfire rang through the house.

Nonetheless, as indicated by the show, both Bert and Darrin demanded that Tina was discouraged and that she had shot herself while plastered. Strangely, when addressed, Darrin confessed to having a contention with Tina about going out to another bar. He even confessed to conveying a weapon and let specialists know that the firearm found close to the casualty was his own. Nonetheless, Darrin guaranteed that while the two made out after their fight, Tina pulled the pistol from his shoulder holster and put it to her jaw.

Darrin professed to have attempted to prevail upon Tina and surprisingly applied power to eliminate the firearm, yet in the resulting fight, the weapon went off, killing Tina on the spot. The two specialists and Tina’s family would not completely accept that that the casualty committed suicide. Tina’s brother guaranteed that she adored her kids and wouldn’t fantasy about abandoning them. Besides, Tina’s family, particularly her brother, expressed that Darrin was genuinely and loudly harmful. Plus, analysts additionally discovered that Tina had an enormous feeling of dread toward firearms and would not grasp a weapon.

The ensuing dissection uncovered seriously implicating proof as analysts understood that there was a touch of distance between Tina’s head and the gag when the slug was shot. This is incredibly improbable in the event of a passing by self destruction as a great many people press the gag in near guarantee their end. Moreover, Tina had blood splatters on her right hand, and with the casualty being correct given, she was unable to have made the effort and gotten blood splatters on her prevailing hand.

Understanding that Tina might have been killed by another person, the police chose to get Darrin for one more round of addressing. At the point when put under extreme cross examination, Darrin at last admitted to not just having an enormous quarrel with the person in question yet additionally presenting the firearm in the resulting fight, which went off inadvertently, killing Tina Louise Lovato.

Where could Darrin Carroll Now be? When delivered in court, Darrin Carroll confessed and was condemned to six years in jail for foolish homicide. The show referenced that Darrin changed over to Christianity while in jail, and upon his delivery, started filling in as chief minister at Victory Life Ministries. Besides, he is very open with regards to his past and surprisingly showed up in the Investigation Discovery episode, trusting somebody would learn not to misstep the same way he did. Albeit a 2017 report expressed that Darrin was residing in Pueblo, Colorado, he presently likes to remain under the radar, making his present whereabouts muddled.