Was The Traitors Filmed In The Robertson Hotel In Australia? Filming Locations, Cast and more

A Fresh out of the box new Australian show, The Deceivers was completely shot in The Robertson Lodging in the Southern High countries of New South Ridges.

It is an ideal show for you in the event that you’ve at any point figured you could join the game Among Us with the tabletop game Cluedo, unscripted tv stalwart Australian Survivor, and a genuine getaway room.


24 players, alluded to as the Loyal, will show up at an odd estate and endeavor to endure to the point of procuring silver bars, adding to an award pool that might be esteemed up to $250,000.

Might the Deceivers at any point arrive at the end goal and bring back home the whole award reserve with the Unwavering fully on guard?

Was The Double crossers Shot In The Robertson Lodging In Australia? he Double crossers Australia was shot totally on The Robertson Inn in the Southern High countries of New South Grains.

The shooting areas alongside the accomplished cast added to the show’s cryptic Blades Out-meets-Cluedo climate.

The Robertson Inn was made in 1924, and as per its site, the next year, in 1925, it was delegated the “Most Lavish Lodging in the Federation.”

It has kept up with its lavish energy throughout the long term, however it additionally accompanies numerous cheerful recollections and nearby history. In fact, Alf Stephens, who developed the lodging, was old buddies with Sir Donald Bradman.

The lodging in any case holds its exemplary class while giving every one of the contemporary conveniences we’ve generally expected from a lavish inn.

The Robertson Lodging invests wholeheartedly in being family arranged and offers rooms going from Lord Choice to Marriage Suites. Furthermore, they have a great deal of involvement orchestrating special events, like weddings, business get-togethers, or Christmas in July.

The Robertson offers various choices for on location eating. There will undoubtedly be something to accommodate your state of mind since they hold high tea and Devonshire teas and have a bar, a bistro, and an eatery.

Angus is a local of Mount Tamborine, Queensland, is hitched with two kids, and puts a huge measure of significant worth on his loved ones. Notwithstanding, he is likewise ready to play hard to win big, expressing that reliability makes no difference to him in this game.

Angus is unafraid of being chosen as a backstabber and figures it will be a superior option for him since he partakes in a test and would view it more charming as a swindler than to be steadfast.

Chloe – Visionary From New South Ribs Chloe maintains that a few doubters in the blend should change individuals’ impressions of her powers and is anxious to exhibit her clairvoyant capacities to Australia and her kindred rivals. She remarked that she would love having a doubter in the game since she has the ability to significantly impact their point of view.

Claire – Supermarket Checkout Administrator From New South Grains

Claire, a Sydney-based checkout administrator and mother of two, loves to chuckle and isn’t apprehensive about a test. She is additionally chasing after her fourth and last capability in local area administrations while considering.

Claire is playing the game for her two kids, and she’s here to show that, regardless of your age, you ought to only pull out all the stops. She says you want to trust in yourself, so that is how she will respond.

Craig – Business Mentor From Queensland Craig, a business mentor from the Daylight Coast, figures his expert foundation will work well for him in The Backstabbers.

Craig isn’t terrified to be picked as a Deceiver, yet that’s what he stresses assuming that he is, his compassion will show and uncover that Craig is playing a game, however assuming he is devoted, he trusts his capacity to peruse non-verbal communication will empower him to recognize what their identity is.

Dirk-Inn Attendant From VictoriaDirk has experience perusing individuals quick to decide their requirements while functioning as a chief attendant at Melbourne lodgings.

He has dealt with everybody, from illustrious families to celebrities, and is acquainted with articulating little deceives please his clients. He loves to portray himself as a swan, taking note of that while he is very effortless over the water, he kicks brutally underneath it.

Ethan – Health specialist From Victoria Ethan, a self-portrayed solitary individual who lives in Melbourne and has a wellbeing and wellness business, guarantees that helping other people recognize and defeat their obstructions is his most noteworthy love throughout everyday life.

Ethan, anxious to partake in the game, pronounces that he might want to be chosen as a Deceiver.

Fiona – Artist From Victoria Fiona, an artist from Melbourne, says she will without a doubt play this game, and she will play it well, yet she will play as herself since she is anticipating playing an enormous game yet in addition needs to be consistent with herself.

Jack – Chess Champion From Queensland Justine, a Brisbane-based Ganguri lady who is a single parent of two, is exceptionally dynamic. She is a social laborer, runs a web recording, works for good cause, and talks freely about family and homegrown maltreatment and dealing with her children. Justine will be areas of strength for a player because of her high life and funny bone.

Kashindi – Regulation Understudy From Queensland Kash, a regulation understudy seeking after her four year college education, guarantees that her system would incorporate legitimate activity since she is hard to peruse. Kash says her unwaveringness is everything in her life, yet at the same not in the game. Subsequently she will take the necessary steps to succeed. She owes nobody anything in the game.

Different Projects The Deceivers Plot Subtleties The Deceivers, another game show facilitated by Rodger Corser, has only one rule: track out and uncover the Backstabbers before they get you.

The show will highlight 24 contenders, alluded to as Faithfuls, who will live respectively in an eminent James Security style inn and participate in difficulties to sort out “whodunnit” and win an award reserve worth up to $250,000.

However, clearly, it can’t be just simple. They should lie, cheat, and move to the top since a portion of the Faithfuls are really Deceivers in the shadows. Fun!

On Sunday, October 16 at 7:30 pm, The Backstabbers made its TV debut on only 10 and 10 Play on Request.