Who Are Chuck Cox and Denise Cox? Where Are Chuck and Denise Cox Now?

The Cox family was left crushed when one of their relatives apparently evaporated like a phantom in late 2009. ABC News’ ’20/20: The Disappearance of Wife and Mother Susan Powell’ centers around the cherished mother’s case and the way in which her family managed the difficulty from that point onward. Susan’s dad, Chuck Cox, has since been the family’s representative while Denise, the sister, held out trust new data would uncover what befell Susan. Anyway, we should discover more with regards to the family then, at that point, will we?

Who Are Chuck Cox and Denise Cox? Toss is a resigned pilot who additionally worked with the Federal Aviation Administration. He has been hitched to Judy Cox for over thirty years and has been effectively engaged with discovering what befallen their girl, Susan. In 2001, Susan wedded Joshua Powell, and the couple proceeded to have two children, Charlie and Braden. While the relationship was extraordinary at first, things started to go bad. Friends and family expressed Joshua was controlling and would regularly become furious.


Denise Cox-Ernest got some information about finishing things yet said she heard something unfavorable. As indicated by Denise, “When I advised her to leave with the children, she let me know that he had told her, ‘Not without a battle to the death will you have those young men. They’re mine.'” She added, “The young men were a belonging to him. They were his assets.” Events got ugly when Susan was accounted for missing in December 2009, with all doubt apparently going toward Joshua.

In a protected store box at Susan’s work environment, the specialists observed a will that referenced how her marriage had been going downhill and that Joshua had taken a heavy life coverage strategy in her name. Susan added, “In the event that I die, it may not be a mishap.” Furthermore, other upsetting insights concerning the couple’s life started to arise. Joshua’s dad, Steven, had recently made claimed improper advances toward Susan, something she filled Joshua in about.

Denise recalled that, “She (Susan) was incredibly vexed with regards to that and upset, yet considerably more upset when Josh recently said that, you know, that is his father.” After Susan’s vanishing, Joshua took the children to his dad’s place in Puyallup, Washington. In that house, the specialists in the end observed mystery accounts of Susan’s body and recordings of Steven smelling her clothing, claiming his inclinations toward her. There were pictures of other little youngsters and ladies also.

Steven was captured for voyeurism and kid porn and was at last indicted for those charges. Be that as it may, after the capture, Joshua lost authority of the youngsters, with Chuck and Judy being allowed impermanent care. In any case, in a disastrous instance of homicide self destruction, Joshua offed himself and killed the two children during a regulated visit in February 2012. Throw said, “I know nothing else I might have done, they’re still dead. My little girl’s actually absent, and presently the kids are dead. I had them safe… They were in my consideration.”

Where Could Chuck and Denise Cox Now be? After Braden and Charlie’s demises, Chuck and Judy documented an unfair passing suit against the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, asserting carelessness. The case went through significant deferrals under the steady gaze of an appointed authority granted $98.5 million, later sliced to $32 million. Hurl said, “I expect to … utilize the honor to help out others, [so] that we can save more youngsters.”

In 2018, Steven died in the wake of being set free from jail. Many, including Denise, accepted that he realized what had befallen Susan. Along these lines, the insight about his passing came as a shock. Denise said, “I was very much like it was blended inclination; you couldn’t say whether you’re cheerful or tragic with regards to it. However, [it’s] awful in light of the fact that the last tradition of any expectation of tracking down what befallen Susan is gone.”

From that point forward, the family has not quit any pretense of attempting to track down Susan. In February 2022, Chuck joined pursuit endeavors at a mining tunnel in Utah that finished for certain bone parts and torn jeans being uncovered. While they actually must be investigated, Chuck was sensibly sure they were Susan’s. He keeps on battling for equity with Judy, and two or three lives in Puyallup today. They likewise run the Susan Cox Powell Foundation to help groups of missing people. Concerning Denise, she has been hitched to Albert Ernest starting around 2017 and lives with her family in Graham, Washington.