Who is Garima Sethi? Where is Garima Sethi Now?


In October 2018, Lion Air flight 610 crashed minutes in the wake of taking off from Jakarta, Indonesia, killing each of the 189 individuals on board in an awful mishap. Another aircraft flying a similar model had their flight crash in Ethiopia only months after the fact. The following examination was revolved around Boeing’s culpability in assembling broken airplanes and the experience the casualties’ families needed to go through. Garima Sethi, the spouse of Lion Air flight 610’s Captain Bhavye Suneja, is included on Netflix’s ‘Destruction: The Case Against Boeing.’ So, how about we discover where she may be today, then, at that point, will we?

Who is Garima Sethi? Garima experienced childhood in suburbia of New Delhi, India, and had hitched Bhavye, a pilot with Lion Air based out of Indonesia, in July 2016. Bhavye had likewise spent his adolescence in India however moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2011. The couple had just been hitched for about 18 months before misfortune struck on October 29, 2018. Garima’s day began like some other on that game changing morning. After Bhavye left for work, she expected a call from him a couple of hours after the fact saying he had landed. Notwithstanding, the call she got told her the plane disappeared from the radar only a short time after departure.


The underlying examination showed that the Boeing 737 Max 8 had a flawed sensor bringing about an incorrect perusing that said the plane was slowing down. The MCAS programming continued to push the airplane’s nose down while the pilots attempted to bring it back up. Notwithstanding, Bhavye and the other official didn’t know about the new programming. The plane collided with the ocean following, prompting everybody’s passing.

Around 90 days after the accident, Garima encouraged Lion Air and Indonesian specialists to ground the particular Boeing model until security concerns were replied. Nonetheless, at that point, the specialists were happy with Boeing’s clarification that the plane was protected and transferred a similar message to everybody. In March 2019, one more 737 Max 8 crashed minutes subsequent to taking off in view of issues with a similar programming.

Garima accepted that the subsequent accident would have been forestalled assuming the specialists had paid attention to their supplications, adding, “We attempted to do our part, however no one heard us.” After the accident, Garima gained from Bhavye’s associates that the pilots had not gotten any preparation for the new MCAS programming and another of her better half’s flights that experienced difficulty with a defective sensor.

Where could Garima Sethi Now be? After her significant other’s demise, Garima moved back to her folks’ home in New Delhi. While she didn’t follow Boeing legitimately, she expected equity and for individuals dependable to take ownership of their missteps. Garima, who used to fill in as a sanctioned bookkeeper, later moved to Australia and got her graduate degree in business data frameworks. Today, she functions as a director for an organization situated in Adelaide, Australia.