Who is JoVonna Owings? Where is JoVonna Owings Now?

ABC’s ’20/20: The Disappearance of Wife and Mother Susan Powell’ is an episode that looks at the horrendous story of how a youthful Utah lady disappeared in December 2009, at no point to be seen or heard from in the future. Its an obvious fact that her better half and the dad of her two kids, Joshua Powell, was the main individual of interest in the evaporating, yet how’s lesser-known is that he treated strangely in the hours paving the way to it. So presently, assuming you wish to find out about the individual who really saw the odd change, JoVonna Owings, we have the subtleties for you.

Who is JoVonna Owings? As a neighbor and companion, when Susan welcomed JoVonna Owings over to the home she imparted to her family for some assistance with a sewing project after chapel on December 6, 2009, the last option promptly went. The climate, as the two ladies unwound yarn while talking, was moderately quiet and standard, according to JoVonna’s record, however she was astounded to see that Joshua was giving a great deal of consideration to his better half. The way that he later prepared them hotcakes for supper without being provoked was additionally extraordinarily dissimilar to him, yet she was at first delighted to see the change.


“It was great on the grounds that the last time I had been there, he needed to rule the discussion. He must be the focal point of everything,” JoVonna said. “At the point when he came into a room, everything without question revolved around Josh, what Josh needed to say. This time it wasn’t like that, and I imagined, ‘That is truly great.'” Therefore, when he said he was taking his young men sledding, JoVonna found her way out without stresses despite the fact that she’d told Susan, who’d chose to rests for a rest as she wasn’t feeling good, that she’d [JoVonna] continue to chip away at the yarn. She left at 5 p.m., and it was the last time Susan was decidedly seen alive.

Where could JoVonna Owings Now be? As per reports, JoVonna Owings addressed Joshua Powell available for any emergencies on December 7, at around 4 p.m., yet she never uncovered the subject of their discussion. Nonetheless, she let the authorities know that neither he nor Susan at any point referenced any designs to take their two children setting up camp soon thereafter on the sixth while she was in their home.

This, joined with her endeavors to search for Susan after she vanished, alongside discussing her case in interviews, is the degree of JoVonna’s contribution with regards to this issue. At the end of the day, the Utah local actually recollects her companion and appears to be resolved not to let her inheritance or her recollections disappear. She is a workmanship and art aficionado who likes to keep the vast majority of her own life away from the spotlight, from everything that we can say.