Who is Kiirsi Hellewell? Where is Kiirsi Hellewell Now?

As the title recommends, ABC’s ’20/20: The Disappearance of Wife and Mother Susan Powell’ annals the perplexing missing individual instance of a young lady that stays inexplicable even today. All things considered, 28-year-old Susan disappeared under dubious conditions from West Valley City on December 6, 2009, just for the great think, her better half, to off himself and their two children in 2012. Accordingly, obviously, those nearest to her, including Kiirsi Hellewell, turned into her voice as well as begun an extreme fight to bring her some genuinely necessary equity. So presently, here’s all that we are familiar the last option.

Who is Kiirsi Hellewell? Kiirsi Hellewell initially went over Susan Powell when she and her better half Joshua migrated to Utah in the spring of 2004, to a home only a couple of entryways down from her own. The ladies really turned into the best of companions rather rapidly because of their common convictions, driving them to go to chapel and do numerous family exercises together over the course of the following five years. According to Kiirsi, Susan had once even told her that piece of the explanation the couple moved to the state was to move away from her father by marriage: “She was like, ‘He is the most dirty, foul, debilitated, revolting deviant the world has at any point seen. He’s infatuated with me.'”


Notwithstanding, more significant were the things Susan told Kiirsi concerning her better half, who’d started to avoid her at all costs. “She never told me, ‘I’m apprehensive Josh will at any point hurt me,'” Kiirsi uncovered. “The most she at any point said was, ‘I’m apprehensive due to the historical backdrop of his father and his grandparents that assuming we at any point got separated, Charlie and Braden would vanish.'” With that, when she heard that her dearest companion – whom she had keep going seen around early afternoon on that game changing day – was missing, she felt it in her heart that Joshua was the one in particular who could’ve been dependable.

Where could Kiirsi Hellewell Now be? Following Susan’s vanishing, Kiirsi committed herself to observing her, a work she never truly stopped, particularly in the wake of understanding that the previous’ most terrible feelings of dread of her children being hurt became animated in 2012. By that point, she’d effectively begun the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook page as well as the Find Susan Twitter profile to take tips and give reports regarding this situation – accounts she keeps on running even today. That is on the grounds that, notwithstanding the 12 years that have gone by, she’s as yet confident that somebody will actually want to assist them with finding Susan’s remaining parts.

Aside from all that, the mother of 3 additionally fills in as an individual from the Susan, Charlie, and Braden Memorial Committee and is the person who works the Susan Cox Powell Foundation to keep their inheritance alive. Kiirsi will share constantly their story since she currently realizes that it can help innumerable others, either straightforwardly or by implication. “That is something beneficial that is emerged from this misfortune. There are a many individuals who’ve had the option to get out [of oppressive relationships] in view of Susan,” the Utah local said. “I had [one] lady share with me ‘On the off chance that I’d remained two additional months, my kids and I would both be dead.'”