Who Is Marlene Johnson? Where Is Marlene Johnson Now?


911 administrators in Rowan County, North Carolina, got an approach July 23, 2013, from Chuck Reeves, who guaranteed that he had recently observed his better half killed. When officials raced to the scene, they observed Shirley Pierce, who was cut on different occasions nevertheless had the blade’s handle stopped in her throat. Examination Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: The Blame Game’ accounts the homicide and shows how the examination unwound a wrongdoing filled with desire and drove directly to Marlene Johnson. Assuming you are pondering where Marlene is as of now, we take care of you.

Who Is Marlene Johnson? Marlene Johnson was born into a wealthy family in Gastonia, North Carolina, in 1952, and as per the show, drove a seriously special life. Coming from a family where she generally got what she needed, she wedded Ervin Johnson in 1983. Shockingly, the two were on entirely different finishes of the range, with Marlene being very friendly while Ervin cherished minding his own business and remaining occupied with work. All things considered, they made their marriage work, and subsequent to inviting their little girl into this world, the couple appeared to be very content with one another.


The show referenced how Marlene combat mental issues all through her life and attempted to die by self destruction in 2003. After that occurrence, Marlene and her better half’s relationship started disintegrating as she turned pretty oppressive. In any case, Ervin’s expert life thrived, and in 2006, he assumed the place of CFO at Tuscarora Yarns.

With Ervin’s position convincing him to meet different individuals, he then, at that point, came in contact with Shirley Pierce, who worked at a similar organization. Ervin and Shirley turned out to be quick companions, and the previous even acquainted Shirley with Marlene. Nonetheless, Marlene was anxious of Shirley all along. She speculated that Ervin and Shirley were having an unsanctioned romance (which was not the situation) and, surprisingly, gotten an investigator to chase out reality.

Albeit the investigator for hire couldn’t observe any proof of betrayal, Marlene remained focused on Shirley. She acquired data about Shirley’s everyday daily practice and, surprisingly, actually attacked her external a café in February 2011. As indicated by the show, Marlene’s activities got her sentenced for two counts of threatening behavior and one count of misdeed attack. All things considered, she remained determined and on second thought decided to break into Shirley’s home to cut her to a ridiculous degree.

Where Could Marlene Johnson Now be? Whenever the police started researching Shirley’s homicide, they found that she died from a deadly cut injury in her neck. Moreover, the casualty even had shallow cut injuries all around her body, and a blade handle was held up in her throat. In spite of the fact that there was a ton of blood on the scene, the assailant had apparently attempted to tidy up with fade, which disposed of the greater part of the DNA proof. Be that as it may, specialists had the option to recuperate some horrendous paper towels containing an unfamiliar DNA test, which the police trusted would prompt the killer.

The show referenced that Ervin became very frightened of Marlene and even got a limiting request against her after the homicide. He likewise let police know that he associated his better half with being associated with Shirley’s homicide, inciting them to examine her. When specialists captured Marlene, they observed cleaning supplies as well as Shirley’s mail inside her vehicle. Additionally, a pursuit of her home uncovered her fixation on Shirley as police tracked down proof of following and reconnaissance.

Marlene actually denied her association in the homicide, however specialists had the option to pound the last nail into the casket when they observed her DNA on Shirley’s shower shades as well as the paper towels recuperated from the crime location. Subsequently, with legitimate DNA proof, Marlene was captured and delivered in court for homicide. At her preliminary, Marlene was indicted for first-degree murder and, therefore, was condemned to life in jail without the chance for further appeal in 2018. In spite of the fact that she actually demands her honesty, she is right now imprisoned at the Anson Correctional Institution in Polkton, North Carolina.