Who is Richie Wilder Jr? Where is Richie Wilder Jr Now?


One morning in November 2015, Chris Jackson was crushed when he found his life partner, Angila Wilder, dead. The idea of the wrongdoing and earlier history quickly drove the specialists to Angila’s ex, Richie Wilder Jr. NBC News’ ‘Dateline: Prairie Confidential’ centers around how the specialists observed undeniable actual proof interfacing Richie to the case, and in a stunning turn, his new spouse also. All in all, how about we discover where Richie may be today then, at that point, will we?

Who is Richie Wilder Jr? Richie Wilder Jr. what’s more Angila met at chapel in Alabama when they were more youthful, in the end wedding and having two kids. Be that as it may, the relationship went bad over the long haul; Richie was accounted for to be oppressive toward Angila. Subsequently, he was indicted for homegrown maltreatment and kicked out of the military. After the separation, Richie wedded Cynthia, and Angila was locked in to Chris Jackson. Nonetheless, the hostility among Angila and Richie proceeded due to a harsh care fight for their kids. In this way, when Angila was seen as fiercely cut ridiculously in November 2015, many speculated Richie’s contribution.


The experts in Minot, North Dakota, addressed Richie, who professed to have been home with his better half and children. Notwithstanding, the police realized it wasn’t accurate on the grounds that actual proof attached him to the homicide. Richie’s DNA was found under Angila’s fingernails, meaning she battled for her life while he assaulted her. Besides, a drop of her blood was seen as on one of Richie’s vehicles. Following a couple of months in guardianship, Richie chose to converse with the specialists however concocted a crazy story that faulted Chris for the homicide.

Richie further guaranteed that he and Chris presumed Angila was cheating and wanted to break into the house to accumulate proof. Then, at that point, Richie said that Chris let completely go, went off the deep end, and wounded Angila. Notwithstanding, this was false in light of the fact that surveillance cameras recorded Chris at his work environment around the hour of the homicide. At last, it was Richie who kicked in the secondary passage of Angila’s home and wounded her to no end. Afterward, a jail detainee affirmed that Richie conceded killing Angie and discarding his garments in a dumpster behind his loft.

Where could Richie Wilder Jr Now be? Richie Wilder Jr., then, at that point, 29, was captured in December 2015. In August 2016, the specialists impeded his endeavor to break out of region prison. They later discovered that Cynthia not just supported him in the endeavored escape, she was additionally engaged with arranging Angila’s homicide. In December 2016, Richie was indicted for killing his ex as well as attempting to escape from jail. He was condemned to life in jail without the chance of parole in addition to an additional five years for the endeavored breakout. Government jail records demonstrate that Richie remains detained at the United States Penitentiary, Atwater in California.