Why Supergirl Season 6’s Delay Is Longer Than Other Arrowverse Shows

The entirety of The CW’s superhuman shows have been deferred until 2021, however Supergirl season 6 is being pushed back until Summer 2021 for one significant explanation.

Hero fans should hang tight somewhat longer for Supergirl Season 6 than they will the remainder of the Arrowverse appears. The COVID-19 pandemic has majorly affected media outlets, closing down creation on various TV projects and film sets. It majorly affected the Arrowverse explicitly, with the creation shutdowns coming not long before Batwoman, Supergirl and The Flash wrapped up their most recent seasons’ finales. These arrangement had their last scenes revised and re-altered from the finished film, bringing about some radically various endings and significant cliffhangers.


The CW chose to defer creation on the entirety of their arrangement through the year’s end, yet at the same time intends to do full season orders for the entirety of the Arrowverse appears. A provisional calendar for the 2021 season has been discharged, yet one arrangement was outstandingly missing from the debut line-up: Supergirl, which has consistently propelled its new season alongside the other Arrowverse shows since the time it moved from CBS to The CW in 2016.

Numerous fans are asking why Supergirl is breaking with its standard calendar and intended to air as a mid-season substitution, alongside Legends of Tomorrow. Fortunately, the reasons have nothing to do with the pandemic and everything to do with an upbeat occasion: the arrangement’s star Melissa Benoist, who assumes the job of Kara Danvers, is at present pregnant with her first kid.

Benoist and her significant other Chris Wood (who played Mon-El in Supergirl seasons 2 and 3) declared their pregnancy toward the beginning of March, not long before creation on Supergirl shut down. While it has not been authoritatively affirmed this is the explanation behind the deferral of Supergirl season 6, it makes sense that The CW would need to ensure that perhaps the greatest star has a lot of time to convey her first kid and conform to the progressions that accompany another newborn child before coming back to work.

Another factor is that The CW may wish to hold Supergirl for possible later use, in order to all the more likely advance the up and coming Superman and Lois arrangement, which is turning out of both Supergirl and the “Emergency on Infinite Earths” occasion. The new show, which fixates on Clark Kent and Lois Lane as they bring up their high school children Jonathan and Jordan, is planned to debut on Tuesday evenings after The Flash. The CW has expressed before that they expect to constrain the quantity of Arrowverse shows airing at some random time inspired by a paranoid fear of over-immersion, and it appears to be likely that Supergirl will be kept down until Superman and Lois completes its first season.