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Jim Brass is one of the characters for the TV series, CSI. It is depicted by an observed American TV and film entertainer, Paul Guilfoyle.

Paul is noted for his works in Blindspot, Pandemic, and Star Trek: Discovery. Be that as it may, he is most acclaimed for his common job in Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).

Guilfoyle appeared in media outlets from Next Door and Murderer in 1976. Following that, he chipped away at various undertakings and acquired a standing.

Paul’s acting exhibitions in Secret Agent Man, The Good Fight, and Don’t Look Up are very admirable. His fans for the most part love him in the jobs of an investigator or a specialist.

Jim Brass also known as Paul Guilfoyle is almost visually impaired on the show, CSI: Vegas.

It is obscure how his person wound up in that circumstance. Yet, he is having some vision issues in the new scenes of the show.

Notwithstanding that, Brass retaliated with his assailant and returned to a previous case. The state of his eyes shows the new beginning of his job on the show.

The assault on Jim is the thing that carries Sara to the CSI as displayed in the underlying scene. From that point onward, the story gradually unfurls and proceeds.

In 2021, Jim Brass is matured 72 years.

He was born in 1949 and praises his birthday on the 28th of April. He has a birth indication of Taurus and an American identity.

Further, he seems, by all accounts, to be of white ethnic plunge.

Jim Brass is hitched to his better half, Nancy in reel-life and has a girl named Ellie.

Nonetheless, as a general rule, he sealed the deal with Lisa Giobbi in 1989. She is a perceived choreographer just as an elevated craftsman.

The couple is as yet hitched and carries on with a delighted life. Additionally, they share a grown-up kid whose personality is as yet under the wraps.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jim Brass urf Paul has a fortune of $18 million.

He partook in a long-running acting profession and raked in tons of cash. All things considered, he has a few activities which pay him a massive compensation.

Moreover, Brass is carrying on with a rich existence with his family in the United States.