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John Ibrahim is a previous Lords Cross dance club proprietor. Police claim Ibrahim is a “significant coordinated wrongdoing figure” and was marked as the “soul of the medications business of Rulers Cross” during the 1995 Wood imperial commission. Be that as it may, Ibrahim unequivocally denies this and has not been sentenced for any connected wrongdoing.

John Houssam Ibrahim was born on August 25, 1970 (age 52 years) in Sydney, Australia. He is the second of four children and two little girls born to Sally Ibrahim and her significant other Ibrahim, in a Muslim family. Frequently alluded to as the “Ibrahim brothers”, the oldest child is Hassan “Sam” (b. c. 1966), trailed by John, Fadi (b. c. 1974), and the most youthful child is Michael (b. c. 1979).

At age 16, Ibrahim saw the brother of Bill Bayeh being gone after by two men. Ibrahim became involved and wound up getting a huge blade twisted to his middle; and was treated at St Vincent’s Emergency clinic, Sydney and put into a trance like state for a long time, trailed by a half year’s recuperation in the emergency clinic, because of broad harm to his lungs, liver, and digestion tracts. The wounding brought about a huge scar.

Name John Ibrahim
Net Worth $10 million
Profession Businessman
Height 1.83m
Age 52 years


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John Ibrahim opened his first club in Quite a while Cross at age 18, taking a 20% stake in a club then known as Passage Nightclub. Ibrahim sold the club in 2001 and its name changed to EP1; with police fruitlessly making a lawful move to have the scene shut, claiming it was essential for coordinated drug exercises in Rulers Cross. In 2004, new proprietors relaunched the Duke Spot club as Dragonfly it actually keeps on working, presently known as The Passage, again under Ibrahim’s possession. Ibrahim is supposedly connected with at least 17 clubs in Sydney’s Rulers Cross.

In 1992, Ibrahim ventured out from home, matured 22 years, and leased a Dover Levels bluff side property of 528 square meters (5,680 sq ft). Under decade after the fact, he bought the property for A$1.165 million. In 2008, the house was worth A$3 million and has in this way gone through huge redevelopment. Ibrahim possesses two different properties in a similar road, bought for A$2.5 million out of 2007, one of which is rented to Kyle Sandilands, a radio and television character and colleague of Ibrahim’s.

Ibrahim has supposedly given bank assurances to different relatives and holds property in his own name or for the sake of organizations related with him. He has given an A$112,000 assurance to his sister, Maha Sayour, in 1997 for her South Wentworthville home and securing a Merrylands property worth A$253,000 in 2004 for supposedly no-cost. In his latest public property buy, in 2010 Ibrahim bought a lodging improvement site at Rothbury in the Tracker Valley for A$275,000.


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Following an episode in April 2011 including NRL Chickens players Todd Carney and Anthony Watts, the NSW Government requested an investigation into whether the Trademark lodging, situated in Lords Cross and claimed by Ibrahim, penetrated regulations on the capable assistance of liquor. The request follows the December 2010 episode including John Hopoate, who was thusly indicted for the attack of a supporter outside Trademark. It was accounted for that since July 2009 north of 529 attacks have happened either at Trademark, with Trademark safety crew contribution or close to the scene. Trademark is by and by dependent upon a decrease in exchanging hours, confined supporter numbers, and expanded security by filtering benefactors with metal locators.

John Ibrahim has been marked by the Australian news media as “Teflon John” and “The Teflon man of Rulers Cross” as well as likewise being known as “The Lord of the Cross” because of his capacity to try not to be sentenced for criminal operations, in spite of broad public doubt. As a teen, he was indicted for attack yet has not been viewed as at fault for any wrongdoing from that point forward.

Ibrahim was distinguished by Advice helping the Commission, John Agius SC, as the new “backbone of the medications business of Rulers Cross” during the Wood Illustrious Commission. During a 2004 preliminary, Ibrahim was distinguished as “the subject of 546 police knowledge reports corresponding to his contribution in drugs, coordinated wrongdoing and relationship with prohibit cruiser groups”.


During 2001 and 2002, a police strikeforce Sombra accumulated knowledge guaranteeing that Ibrahim was purportedly coercing various bars and dance club in the Lord’s Cross and Darlinghurst region up to A$5,000 each week each, asserting a helpful monetary interest in club takings and supposedly applying standover strategies. It was accounted for that police examinations were purportedly undermined by officials from the New South Ridges Wrongdoing Commission when Ibrahim was educated that his Dover Levels home was messed with.

Ibrahim started legitimate activity in the NSW Regulatory Choices Council and looked for admittance to the knowledge covers him. His application was rejected and police never charged Ibrahim for the supposed offenses. Ibrahim was ensnared in resulting examinations during 2003 and 2004 by Team Gain from the NSW Wrongdoing Commission, focusing on rough wrongdoing in southwest Sydney.


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In 2006, the NSW Wrongdoing Commission held onto resources, including his Dover Levels home, on the equilibrium of probabilities that Ibrahim had supposedly participated in crime. Ensuing requests were made in the High Court that Ibrahim pay to the State A$150,000 without affirmation of culpability. On installment of the request, the Commission eliminated its controlling request over the resources.

In a 2010 episode broadcast on ABC television, Media Watch condemned the interest of The Everyday Message with Ibrahim and his loved ones. Since the 2009 shooting of Fadi Ibrahim, the family has routinely highlighted in The Day to day Transmit, where it was uncovered that Ibrahim gave the paper photographs and tales about himself; but simultaneously, professing to “can’t stand consideration” and grumbling about the media consideration he is getting.

In a made up sensational portrayal of Lords Cross coordinated wrongdoing, Ibrahim is depicted by Firass Dirani in the 2010 TV miniseries Underside: The Brilliant Mile.

In 2014 the Australian Monetary Survey distributed a nitty gritty profile on Ibrahim. Ibrahim told an AFR journo Christopher Joye: “Who truly shoots others’ homes around midnight… In my time that was unbelievable… These folks are gutless weaklings. The class of 2010 onwards has been the shittiest ever. They’re simply plastic hoodlums. They cruise all over in their hotted up vehicles with gold chains and tattoos and afterward they return home and rest at mums. They’re all wannabes. It’s sickening – it’s completely scattered wrongdoing.”

Family patners of Ibrahim
John Ibrahim’s senior brother, Sam Ibrahim, was perhaps the earliest Lebanese-Australian man to be permitted to join an Australian fugitive cruiser club. In 1997, Sam Ibrahim was chosen leader of the Granville section of the Wanderers Cruiser Club. This section of the Wanderers hence turned into a strong criminal association in Sydney.

In any case, because of a run in with the Wanderers’ administration bunch, the part fragmented in 2007 to frame another fugitive cruiser club, the Famous group. Sam Ibrahim stays a day to day existence individual from the Travelers Cruiser Club. It has been accounted for in the media that the Famous group is right now being utilized as road muscle to help the conveyance of unlawful medications in Rulers Cross and around Sydney.

Sam Ibrahim was accused in 2004 of the kneecapping of two men in Newcastle. He was likewise charged during the last part of the 1990s, over a cocaine dissemination ring including the Wanderers – yet was vindicated on the two matters. In 2009, Sam Ibrahim was charged over the supposed grabbing of a teen kid and held in guardianship for quite some time until bail was conceded in July 2009.


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At the hour of the bail hearing, it was accounted for that police were likewise exploring a second suspect in the supposed episode, Nimilote Ngata. Ngata (b. ca 1988) is the child of John Ibrahim’s protector, Semi “Tongan Sam” Ngata. In July 2009, “Tongan Sam” Ngata, was captured following a strike on his home by a unique group viciousness team that got mass amounts of a methamphetamine forerunner.

Ibrahim’s sister, Maha Sayour (b. ca 1971), was accused in 2009 of foolishly managing continues of wrongdoing following a police strike on her South Wentworthville home where police supposedly found shrivel wrapped parcels swelling with almost A$2.86 million money in $50 and $100 notes were concealed in the rooftop. The matter was committed for preliminary and heard under the watchful eye of a Region Court judge in December 2011, who thought that she is not liable.


Two of Ibrahim’s brothers, Michael and Fadi, were in May 2011, along with Rodney Phillip “Goldy” Atkinson, requested to stand preliminary on a charge of scheme to kill John Macris among July and September 2009. Police claim that Michael and Fadi Ibrahim and Atkinson accepted that Macris was behind the shooting of Fadi in June 2009. In December 2012, Michael Ibrahim and Atkinson were absolved of the trick to kill accusation; but Michael stays in guardianship for an irrelevant homicide conviction, and Atkinson has been seen as at real fault for having an unapproved gun. He is on remand and will be condemned in January 2013.

John Ibrahim and Melissa Taylor’s child Daniel John Taylor (b. ca 1990), was committed in mid 2011 to stand preliminary in Queensland on charges of affray and attack occasioning materially hurt on a gathering of Melbourne sightseers outside a club on the Gold Coast in 2010. It is claimed that Taylor was helped by a co-denounced and that the two were together involved. Taylor’s bail conditions expect him to live with Ibrahim in Sydney and are requested not to go inside 1 kil.Instagram account.