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Andre Hanscombe is the sweetheart of Rachel Nickell. Rachel Nickell was a British lady who was killed in Wimbledon Common in southwest London on 15 July 1992.

Rachel Nickell was cut multiple times before her kid, Alexandar Louis. She had her child with her accomplice, Andre Hanscombe.

Nickell’s killer, Robert Napper, assaulted her by over and over cutting her and cut her with a blade. He additionally physically attacked her.

In like manner, Alex was safe in the scene. Afterward, a passer saw Alex sticking to his mom’s dead body, saying, “Wake Up, Mommy.”

The executioner, Robert Napper, had a state of mind and was determined to have schizophrenia and Asperger condition. At the point when he was met in 2006, he was held in a protected foundation for a very long time.

Besides, Napper is probably going to never emerged from his discipline as he is blamed for a few killings.

Andre Hanscombe’s identity is British. His late spouse was likewise British when she was killed at 23 years old.

His nationality is Zimbabwean, as his dad was from Zimbabwe.

After his little child confronting the horrible experience of watching killed his mom, Andre moved to Barcelona, Spain, from Wimbledon. He said that he moved with his child for their wellbeing.

Andre was a semi-proficient tennis player previously, however after the appalling episode, he turned into a yoga educator in Barcelona.

Andre Hanscombe’s dad was a Zimbabwean educator. His mom was an English Secretary.

Andre’s folks split up when he was five years of age. At the point when he was youthful, he used to live with his mom. Later his mom moved out, and his dad moved in. He depicted his dad as far off disciplinary.

Hanscombe’s mom died when he was nine. His child, Alex, lost his mom when he was 2 years in a particularly ghastly encounter.

He said his child needs security more than affection and care after a particularly episode.

Andre Hanscombe is accepted to be living in Barcelona right now with his child.

As of late, Andre and Alex (who is around 31 years presently) lived in India for some time to practice and concentrate on yoga inside and out.

Something else, the dad child team lived in Barcelona this time. They additionally lived in France for some time.