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Areline Martinez was blindfolded and his options limited. The TikTok video shows Martinez sitting close to a youngster in a prisoner character, another man seems, by all accounts, to be assaulting them. A youthful mother died while shooting a TikTok video for her devotees. Areline Martinez faked her own grabbing for the video, however her companions who were accounted for to be important for the phony seizing coincidentally executed her.

Name Areline Martinez
Age 20 years
Gender Female
Nationality Mexican
Married/Single Single
Instagram are.ma13

Sun revealed that the episode occurred in Chihuahua, Mexico, on October 2, after the 20-year-old casualty was blindfolded and his options were limited. His keep going online media post upon the arrival of Destiny was: “Time doesn’t stop, and I don’t.” In the TikTok video, Martinez was indicating Martinez sitting close to a youngster in the prisoner character, and another man appeared to be assaulting the two of them.


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The clasp likewise demonstrated a third-individual swinging a programmed firearm. At that point a youngster was seen pushing the prisoner playing man to his knees when he pointed the weapon behind his head. Soon after that, Martinez was lethally shot.

Notwithstanding, it was not quickly clear how the firearm detonated, why individuals concerned were utilizing a weapon with genuine ammo and whether it was authorized. Nearby Mexican media revealed that the start was inadvertent and “coincidentally” detonated.


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Chihuahua state lawyer Cesar Augusto Peniche Espejel stated: “One of the speculations we take a gander at is that [the youthful people] altered reasoning that they didn’t stack a gun and incidentally fired the lady.” Reports showed that after the episode, Martinez’s body stayed on the ground with his options limited, while the lady’s companions left the scene.

It was said that a sum of 10 youngsters were available at the scene and one of them later offered data to the police about the occurrence that brought about death. The case is as of now under scrutiny and reports demonstrate that the two suspects have been distinguished, yet it isn’t evident whether they were captured or captured. A memorial service was held for Martinez on Monday, October fifth.

This grievous occurrence happens a very long time after a TikTok star Ronnie McNutt died while streaming live on Facebook. The staggering occurrence purportedly happened while sitting before a table at McNutt’s home in Mississippi on August 31st. The clasp before long damaged web-based media clients and their family. It was included on TikTok’s ‘For You’ pattern landing page, and supposedly various web-based media clients incidentally watched the clasp as it demonstrated a hairy man with glasses conversing with somebody on the telephone.


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Festivity Church Tupelo, of which McNutt is a part, affirmed his passing in a Facebook post on September 1. The post peruses: “amidst an unexpected misfortune that happened the previous evening, we are annoyed with the McNutt Family during this time on the grounds that Ronnie McNutt is our sibling in Jesus.”

“Ronnie will be remembered fondly by each and every individual who cherishes and knows him. He was extremely cherishing, faithful, steadfast, solid and erratic. He served his congregation steadfastly and was adored by many. In spite of the fact that the occasions encompassing his passing are terrible, we are alleviated Our Creator, Ronnie to Jesus Christ. He accepts that he is currently before our caring Father, as he admits and changes over as an adherent. ”

A Mexican lady was unintentionally shot dead while recording a video for TikTok as a trick turned out badly had decimating outcomes.

One well known type of TikTok recordings are tricks, with loved ones wanting to play inept pranks on one another in an offer to get sees. For instance, the FaceTime Challenge and the Influencer Prank are two that are regularly done on the application.

In any case, for one ardent TikTok client, Areline Martinez, a trick video had appalling results as she was shot dead while shooting an organized seizing, exposing the issues and threats that TikTok tricks can have.


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A TikTok Prank Goes Wrong

Areline Martinez, a young lady from Mexico, set up a phony grabbing video to film with her companions so as to get sees on TikTok. The video no longer exists on TikTok, however duplicates of it are skimming around web-based media.

She assumed the function of the prisoner, sat blindfolded with her options and lower legs limited while numerous men remained around her professing to be her captors.

The video was shot at a little homestead home in the Chihuahua neighborhood of Rigoberto Quiroz not long ago, and what occurred next was genuinely decimating as the TikTok trick turned out badly.

The Mexican Woman Was Shot Dead

Proceeding with the pretend video, a man at that point continued to pull out a firearm, which was assumedly just intended to be utilized for the trick and shouldn’t be stacked.

In any case, when pointed at Areline, the firearm was terminated, executing her immediately. After she was shot dead, every last bit of her companions fled the scene separated from one who called the police.

The occurrence is being researched as a mishap. As announced by The Sun, Chihuahua’s state lawyer general Cesar Augusto Peniche Espejel stated: “One of the theories we are taking a gander at is that they were altering a gun believing that it was not stacked and inadvertently shot the lady.”

Who Was The Woman?

The one who was shot dead is called Areline Martinez.

The 20-year-old from Chihuahua, Mexico, was a mum to a youthful little girl, as revealed by The Sun.

She was frequently dynamic on her 10,000 devotee Instagram record, and her memorial service occurred on Monday, October fifth 2020.