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Ralph Modjeski was a Polish-American structural architect and extension developer. Indeed, he was viewed as one of the best scaffold manufacturers and originators as indicated by his Wikipedia profile.

He got a few honors and acknowledgment for his commitment to building magnificent extensions in the United States of America. He got Franklin Medal in the year 1923, John Fritz Medal in 1930, and a few privileged doctorates.

A portion of his most outstanding works are San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge, McPhaul Suspension Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and a few others.

Allow us to find out about Ralph Modjeski and investigate his youngsters and family.


January 27, 1861

Bochnia, Poland
(then Austrian Empire)
Died June 26, 1940 (aged 79)

Los Angeles, California, United States
Occupation Civil engineer
Awards Howard N. Potts Medal (1914)
Franklin Medal (1921)
John Fritz Medal (1930)

Ralph Modjeski had two offspring of his own similarly as known on the web.

The name of his two kids is Marylka Modjeski and Karol Modjeski as per Google Arts and Culture. Data about his kids isn’t known at this point. Their occupation and subtleties are as yet under drapes and not accessible on the web or are of public information.

He imparted his two kids to his better half Felicja Modjeski. A few was hitched for a long time from 1985 to 1931. The couple isolated five years before Felicja’s demise.

Felicja was a Polish-born Sculptress situated in Chicago, United States of America. In any case, much with regards to her own life has not risen to the top at this point, it might have not been reported well because of the impediment of innovation around then.

Helena Modjeski was the mother of Ralph Modjeski.

She was a notable Polish entertainer who had some expertise in Shakespearean and unfortunate jobs.

She was born Jadwiga Benda however was subsequently purified through water and given another name Helena Opid. Her last name came from her adoptive parent. She was expertly known as Helena Modjeska.

Ralph was born from Helena’s first marriage with her significant other Gustav Modrzejewski. The couple got hitched in the year 1861 and got separated from seven years after the fact in 1868.

Much data about his dad has not risen to the top yet he didn’t go with Helena and Ralph on their movement to the United States of America.

She later wedded Polish aristocrat, Karol Bożenta Chłapowski. Karol was utilized as a manager at the liberal patriot paper when the couple integrated their bunch on September 12, 1868.

Ralph Modjeska died on June 26, 1940.

He died at 79 years old years old having added to the field of scaffold building and plan during his vocation and life.

Modjeska died in Los Angeles, California, United States yet his real reason for death was rarely unveiled. He could have died regular passing deciding by his age.