Billie Eilish Granted a Restraining Order Against a Bugging Trespasser

A New Yorker by the name of Prenell Rousseau has been hit with a limiting request from Billie Eilish in the wake of carrying on whimsically close to her home on different occasions.

Pop artist Billie Eilish was allowed with a three-year limiting request by a US judge against a man who was seen over and over visiting the area of her family home.

24-year-old Prenell Rousseau from Long Island, New York, showed up around Eilish’s Los Angeles home multiple times on 4 and 5 May before he was captured and sent back to The Empire State. The controlling request was brief, which Superior Court Judge Diana Gould-Saltman later consented to reach out to three years.

In like manner, it keeps Rousseau from reaching Eilish or her folks, drawing near 100 yards (91 meters) of them, or bugging them in at any rate. Contacting them to their working environment is clearly out.

The 18-year-old was available in Thursday hearing yet didn’t talk, nonetheless, referenced in the court reports that she and her family were scared of his “whimsical conduct”. “While we sat tight for security, Mr Rousseau stayed on our patio, plunked down and started to peruse a book, while additionally proceeding to participate in an intermittent monolog. My dad over and over requested that he leave, yet he won’t.”

Moreover, he was likewise said to have contacted their doorbell and door handle without gloves, while strolling around without wearing a face-veil, additionally provoking them to fear for their soundness of the continuous COVID-19 pandemic.

At the point when he rang their doorbell, he inquired as to whether she lived there, however notwithstanding demanding he was at an inappropriate location, he said he would return. He was in this way captured for intruding.

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