Lauren Kettering Dated THIS TikTok Star

Mainstream TikTok star Lauren Kettering has been on the application since it was, posting lip-synchronizing and moving recordings for her following of 3.1 million. In spite of never authoritatively joining any of the TikTok houses springing up all over Los Angeles, she’s benevolent with a considerable lot of the Hype House and Sway House individuals (both past and current).

Lauren additionally seems, by all accounts, to be single at this moment, not coupling up with any of her individual TikTok stars at this time. Be that as it may, who are Lauren’s exes?

Lauren was previously linked with Diego Martir

Laurent’s latest relationship was with TikTok star Diego Martir. Initially from Salvador, Diego moved to America to seek after his TikTok vocation, and he right now has 3.6 million devotees on the application.

The pair were connected in mid 2020, turning into another of TikTok’s hit or miss, couples. They at first split in March 2020 out of an extremely open separation that included bits of gossip from the two sides about the other individual cheating.

They endeavored to fool fans into deduction they were reuniting as an April Fool’s trick however explained that they weren’t really dating once more. Diego and Lauren apologized for the way they each took care of the separation, however said at last the two of them expected to deal with themselves before they could consider dating once more.

Did Lauren cheat on Diego?

At the point when the couple split in mid 2020, fans were befuddled, particularly considering they had been posting photographs with one another lone days before the separation.

Diego imparted his grievousness over the separation to his fans on an Instagram Live, mournfully discussing their split and how he wasn’t over it. In the video, Diego affirms that he trusts Lauren undermined him while they were dating, which was one explanation they chose to separate.

“I have a screen capture of her truly FaceTiming somebody and she had a thing with him before we began dating,” he said through tears. “Anyway, how is that like she’s FaceTiming him again when we separate, you know? After two days. Like who does that? I haven’t even messaged anybody. It’s simply I’m not over her.”

Lauren has since denied the conning gossipy tidbits.

Did Lauren Kettering and Chase Hudson date

In a YouTube video posted by previous Sway House part Josh Richards, he guaranteed that Lauren is really an ex of Chase Hudson’s.

“Look what it’s identity is, both of Chase’s exes — what’s going on?” Josh begins the video, presenting Lauren and Cynthia Parker, who Chase dated before his relationship with Charli D’Amelio.

When Lauren attempted to deny it, both Josh and Cynthia snickered, guaranteeing she was “unquestionably” an ex of his.

She explained that they’re companions, which provoked both Josh and Cynthia to state “f- – k Chase,” likely because of the ongoing episode of show he had with the Sway House individuals.

Lauren remains by the reality she and Chase have never dated, however the pair went to a homecoming move together (it was Chase’s first school move). In the event that there’s something else entirely to the gossipy tidbits about both of them, they’ve chosen to remain quiet about that data.