Who Is Juan Orlando Hernández Hijos? Details On The Family Of Former Honduran President As He Gets Arrested

Juan Orlando Hernández was chosen President of Honduras in late 2013 with the full help of the US.

Hernández was kept on drug dealing charges on Feb. 15, nine years after his political race and one month subsequent to leaving office.


Juan’s capture was made in line with the United States, which has additionally mentioned his removal.

Previous Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández Hijos And Family. Previous Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez Hijos and his family are stunned with the fresh insight about his capture.

Juan has four hijos/youngsters with his significant other Gracia Carias: Ivonne María Hernández Bonilla, Isabela Hernandez Gracia, Ana Daniela Hernandez Gracia and Juan Orlando Hernandez Gracia.

As indicated by the ex-president’s true Wikipedia page, the couple were hitched in 1990 and shared three little girls and a child.

The previous president utilized his situation to crush contending posses and keep a syndication on cocaine dealing for him as well as his partners.

Authorities reported Monday that the US had encouraged Honduras to capture previous President Juan Orlando Hernández.

They have additionally encouraged them to plan for his possible removal to the US.

Public Police and soldiers encompassed the neighborhood of Hernández’s home.

Honduras’ unfamiliar service at first expressed on Twitter that it had alarmed the country’s Supreme Court of Justice.

The US Embassy had officially requested the capture of a Honduran administrator for removal purposes.

Hernández gave off an impression of being unapproachable since he served the interests of the United States.

His relationship with the United States is in all likelihood what made him disliked in his home country.

Why Was Juan Orlando Hernandez Arrested? Juan Orlando Hernandez was captured for his high-profile association in drug dealing in line with the United States.

The US Department of Justice’s representative, Nicole Navas, declined to remark on this issue.

CNN en Espaol was quick to uncover that the government official was Hernández.

It refered to an assertion from the Ministry of Justice to the court that named Hernández.

Hernández is generally known as a lawmaker and presently a rumored street pharmacist.

One more illustration of American international strategy turned out badly in Central America.

When his power was gone, Hernández turned into an adversary to the US.

The two Hernández terms that followed will be known for the absence of monetary potential outcomes in the country.

It additionally expanded packs assuming control over day to day existence, regular debasement accusations, and cases connecting Hernández to medicate dealing.

The United States guarantees that Hernández has been engaged with opiates dealing starting around 2004.