Who Is Katima Minton? Rashaun Weaver Mother Who Tried To Hide Her Son After Tessa Majors Murder


Katima Minton herself has a background marked by cutting individuals with blades and she had additionally dealt with indictments a few times previously.

She, who is by all accounts in her mid-30s will be living away from her child as he is one of the guilty parties among the three who cut and killed Tessa Majors.


Katima Minton is the mother of a convict Rashuan Weaver however there isn’t a lot of data about her accessible on the web.

She has been there for him during the preliminary hearing in the court just as we can’t find his dad anyplace around him during that.

In like manner, as per our exploration, we came to realize that, in the wake of realizing Rashuan is one of the convicts, she attempted to conceal him in a few puts over urban communities.

Be that as it may, notwithstanding her activity, police had the option to observe him and he went under capture on the fourteenth of February in 2019 and from that point forward they are isolated.

No, Katima Minton isn’t accessible on Wikipedia at this point as there has not been sufficient data about her accessible presently.

She had been a solitary parent to the kid as indicated by the Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Matthew Bogdanos, father of Rashuan is imprisoned.

This turned into one more reason for energizing the fury among the general population in the wake of realizing that the dad of the guilty party is now in jail for a deplorable wrongdoing.

Moreover, Katima more likely than not been attempting to decrease the sentence of her child as he is as yet an adolescent and her adoration for her kid is displayed through that.

Katima Minton has been all of the time there while the preliminary for Tessa Majors murder case goes on the court and the sentence has been declared as of late.

Rashaun Weaver who had confessed on the court will confront 14 years to life in jail according to the choice of the State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

Katima has been all of the time there for her child and we came to realize that she was shouting, I love you, to her child while he was going towards the court.

With this declaration of judgment, she will part away from her child for over 10 years and it more likely than not been hard for her presently.

We are obscure to the reality about the whereabouts of the mother of Rashaun Weaver, Katima Minton.

She is by all accounts living in Jamaica, Queens, and she will be separated from her better half just as her child for quite a long time as they will satisfy their sentence.

It is extremely intense for each mother who needed to see her youngster disappear from her in that manner and it more likely than not been annihilating so that her could see so.