Fans Think Sondra Theodore Teeth Appearance Is Due To Drugs Use But The Actress Says Otherwise

Individuals are pondering Sondra after they saw her in the new episode of Secrets of Playboy. Many inquiries are unanswered with regards to her medication use and the antagonistic impact that was brought upon her.

She has guaranteed that her life was quantifiable when she was involved with Hugh in light of the fact that she was associated with a wide range of things going from medications to sex. She guaranteed Hugh for pushing her on some unacceptable way.

Sondra Theodore Teeth Appearance Amid Drugs Use Claims There are a few bits of gossip and theories with respect to Sondra’s teeth and the impacts of medications on them; be that as it may, in the most recent appearance, her teeth appear to be fine and have no issue.

In any case, it is likewise conceivable that she is utilizing counterfeit teeth rather than genuine ones. It is realized that a few medications adversely affect teeth, and she has admitted that she used to take drugs when she was involved with Hugh.

Along these lines, it is difficult to disclaim that she may be utilizing counterfeit teeth now. She is 65 years of age lady, and her teeth appear to be ideally suited for her age. She should be visible examining the ferocity and mercilessness that happens in the playboy house.

She additionally admitted that she was a medication donkey for Hugh; she used to go to the venders and brought cocaine. In the show, Sondra said that she was completely controlled by Hugh to get things done according to her desire.

What Is Up With Hugh Hefner Girlfriend’s Face? Other than teeth, there are likewise questions with respect to Hugh’s previous sweetheart; be that as it may, there isn’t anything strange in her face, so this should be some sort of misconception on the watchers’ side.

Theodore actually looks lovely in her advanced age. She saw one of the most powerful men thriving. Everybody on the planet is familiar with the extreme existence of Hugh Hefner.

Notwithstanding, behind the mass of the playboy manor, a few heartless things were going on, according to many individuals. Sondra additionally told that she used to recruit individuals for Hugh. There are many upsetting realities.

Many individuals contend that the discussions about Hugh are one-sided in light of the fact that everybody is saying just one side of the story, and nobody is familiar with Hugh’s side. Th